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Google Checkout

The company the Google , has received international recognition for the development of IT-technologies, it has decided to expand its capabilities and offered Internet users a new electronic payment system. The creators of the payment system wanted to make the online payment process easier. And they succeeded. The user enters his payment information only 1 time during the first financial transaction. The system "remembers" the payers details, and when paying for the purchase again, the client will provide only the recipients payment information.
American currency and British pounds sterling are the official currency of the payment service.

Google Checkout features

The basis of Google Checkout is incorporated technology in which Google accepts payment from its users. Now, the companys specialists have significantly expanded the possibilities of payment by developing several services that allow bringing service to a qualitatively new level. Owners of online stores are tied to the account, registered in the Google Checkout is , your shopping site. Buyers prefer this payment method. And there are several reasons for this: • a minimum of time is spent on the transaction: you need to enter the e-wallet and make just 1 click to transfer funds; • money will be transferred to the stores account instantly;

• the payers details (card number) are hidden from prying eyes: the seller sees only the amount that comes to his account.
The way Google Checkout works is significantly different from that offered by other EPSs. Here the procedures for issuing an e-invoice and replenishing its balance have been abolished: payments are made directly from a bank card that is linked to a user account. The service works with payment instruments MasterCard , American Express , VISA , Discover . The cards of these systems are accepted all over the world. Virtual payment documents will also work. When shopping in online stores, the user does not pay commission fees - this mission rests with the seller. Google Checkout is a convenient online payment platform for goods and services. Payment order clients cannot receive money transfers from third-party users - the services capabilities do not allow this. Users can purchase goods at e-auctions, in regular online stores, transfer funds to the accounts of gaming and entertainment sites, and pay for the services of Internet organizations.  



By registering with Google , a person provides a minimum of information about himself. To access Google Checkout , you will need to add data such as state and address of residence, as well as correct payment card details. The profile is registered and the system will no longer require any information from the user. Payment data is kept in the strictest confidence: third parties will not be able to find out either the payers surname or his credit card number. Having selected a product on the shopping site, and deciding to pay for the purchase through Google Checkout , the client automatically goes to the payment site. To access your account, you must enter your login information. The user does not need to do anything else - the service will perform further work related to transferring funds to the stores account on its own.

Are Google Checkout payments secure ?

Users dont need to worry about their financial security. The developers of the service took care of this, equipping it with a reliable security system. Additional factors guarantee safety.
1. Payment information of users is not available to third parties.
2. Google is the intermediary between buyer and seller. Payment transactions are carried out according to the following scheme: an online store requests payment from a payment service. Google makes a payment and only then withdraws money from the users card account. This scheme of work effectively prevents the actions of attackers looking for "easy money".
3. Clients of the payment system can view the ratings of sellers and understand whether it is worth contacting a particular store. The system monitors both the movement of money and the order. The success of the transaction will be reported by e-mail, which will be sent to the postal service.
4. Security is also ensured by the latest technologies, for example, a system for automatically detecting unauthorized financial transactions. A special service is notified of the precedent, whose employees will identify fraudsters and prevent their actions.
5. Customers have the right to refuse transactions. The terms of the cooperation agreement provide for the rules governing the refund. Based on these requirements, users can revoke the transaction. To do this, you should submit a request to the administration of the payment. The application will be considered by a special commission.
Analysts talk about Google Checkout as a reliable and secure service.

Account replenishment and finance withdrawal

The peculiarity of this service is that there are no e-wallets. This means that users do not need to fund their account. The funds are kept on the clients bank card. The money required to carry out a financial transaction is withdrawn directly from the card account. When registering an account with Google Checkout , the user should link a payment document to it.

System features

Buyers can use payment services for free. To pay for an online purchase, the customer needs to authenticate with Google Checkout . In the personal account, the user can view the history of financial transactions and monitor the change in the order status. Information about the payments made is sent to the clients e-mail box. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the profile as to view the account balance. Information will be available only after payment is made.


What to do if I lost my Google Checkout login information ?

To authenticate in the system, the account owner must enter his e-mail address and password. It happens that the user has forgotten the password, which means that he will not be able to get into his personal account. However, you should not worry about this: the code can be restored.
The administration of the payment recommends its customers to indicate during registration an additional e-address, to which a message will be sent with a link to the password recovery page. The code recovery procedure is very simple - you need to follow the instructions, exactly following the instructions.

Positive and negative sides

The Google Checkout payment service has its strengths and weaknesses. It should be noted that there are many more positives. Lets make a comparative analysis.

Positive characteristics of payment

1. A reliable security system ensures the security of electronic payments. Financial transactions are carried out according to a unique scheme, thanks to which it is easy to provide unauthorized fraudsters.
2. To register an account, the client does not need to have special skills. Easy to use and interface. The site is multilingual, so that representatives of different nationalities can use the services of the system.
3. The seller is not paid by the buyer, but by Google . The client orders the product, and the service pays for the purchase. Only after the money is transferred to the merchants account, the system will withdraw the required amount from the users card account. That is, the buyer pays with Google , a company whose reliability is beyond doubt.
4. The card details and private information of the client are not available to third parties.
5. Google accepts responsibility for situations in which the rights of the buyer are violated. The payment service will compensate for material damage.
6. EPS staff scrutinizes merchants that receive payments through Google Checkout so that users can be sure they are interacting with trusted online stores. 7. The personal account is equipped with a large number of useful options: viewing the history of transactions, checking the status of the order, and so on. 8. Through the payment system, you can make payments to virtual retail outlets, sites providing IT services, entertainment portals, etc.

Negative characteristics

1. Users of the service cannot make money transfers.
2. EPS is focused only on shopping on the Global Network.
3. The service does not cooperate with the eBay auction .

How do I become a Google Checkout user ?

The Google Checkout service has become very popular in Russia. Every day the number of accounts registered by our compatriots is increasing. And this is not surprising, since making payments through this EPS is not only convenient, but also profitable. Attention! Only adult citizens can register! You need to go to the page, click the "Register" button and fill out the form by entering your e-mail address and password. If the user has a Google mailbox or registered a profile in any other service of the company, he can enter the EPS through them. After the personal account is created, the system will ask for the payment card details (this is necessary to link the bank document to the account). At the next stage, the system will check the authenticity of the payment document. A small amount is blocked on the account. The client will not be able to use the money for 1 month, after which the blocking is removed, and the funds go to the full disposal of the cardholder.


Useful options

The personal account is equipped with all the functions that are necessary for effective work with electronic payments.
1. Transactions. By opening this category, the user can get complete information on all financial transactions that were made from this account.
2. Methods of payment. This option is used to link payment cards.
3. Address book. All the addresses to which the goods purchased in the virtual stores were delivered are indicated here. The user can edit them or add new ones.
4. Reviews of trade organizations. The option allows you to see the reviews that were left by the user on the trading sites.