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Gazprombank is the largest financial network operating in the Russian Federation. The company provides its clients with all types of banking services: financing and investments, loans and deposits, payment cards and remote banking services. The client base of the organization consists of corporate (over 45 thousand) and private clients (over 4 million), financial enterprises, investment groups and individual investors.
Gazprombank ranks third in the rating of domestic financial companies. In terms of the size of the authorized capital, the value of assets and the number of clients, the company does not lag behind banks operating in the states of Eastern and Central Europe.
Oil, gas, chemical, nuclear enterprises, plants of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, power plants, transport and construction companies, agricultural complexes, trade organizations and other representatives of the domestic economy use the services of Gazprombank.
For ordinary citizens, a package of services has been prepared, consisting of credit projects, deposit products, a wide variety of payment cards, and more. The company issues its own securities - stocks and bonds.
The financial institution expands its sphere of influence. Today the companys branches operate not only in Russia (31 branches and 390 retail outlets) and in neighboring countries (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus). The bank has representative offices in Europe (Luxembourg, Switzerland), Asia (China, Mongolia) and India.

Remote service system

For the convenience of their clients, bank employees have developed several remote services that allow them to perform financial transactions, manage accounts and receive accounting reports without visiting the companys office.
1. Blocking or unblocking a payment card. This service is a lifesaver in unforeseen situations, for example, loss or theft of a payment document. The client can block the card online (via the Internet banking service) using the SMS-info service or by telephone.
2. Activation of payment cards. Now there is no need to search for a bank branch, ATM or self-service terminal to activate a new payment document. Activation can be done from your home computer. To do this, go to the Gazprombank website (, press the Activate card button and enter the card details in the fields of the form that appears.
3. SMS info. By connecting this service, the user will receive information about the account balance, the status of transactions. The service is also used to block bank cards. With its help, you can set limits on expense transactions.
4. "Telecard" (mobile banking). It is a bank in a mobile phone, thanks to which the client can make payments at any time of the day or night from different parts of the world. You just need to download a special application to your portable device (tablet or smartphone). From the account, the user will be able to get all the information about their accounts (balance, payment history, money movement, account statements, etc.).
5. "Home Bank" (online banking) is a unique opportunity to save personal time. This service provides access to banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By registering on the Internet banking server, the client will be able to:
• control the movement of funds (view payment history, receive account statements, etc.); • manage accounts (make financial transfers, repay credit debts, carry out non-cash settlement transactions, etc.); • block / unblock payment cards and much more. Home Bank is a convenient, reliable and safe service. Protection is provided with a password and login, without which no one can get into the account, as well as a modern security system: all information is encrypted and passes through secure channels. 6. Setting restrictions. The cardholder can independently set limits on debit transactions, as well as the geographical boundaries of payments (transactions can only be carried out in certain countries, for example, Russia, Switzerland, Belarus and the United States). 7. Voice menu. This service provides information about the balance of the card account and the transactions performed. With this service, you can block cards and change passwords. 


Financial procedures

Gazprombank has at its disposal a powerful technical base that allows it to provide clients with all types of financial services:
• bank transfers;
• payment transactions;
• receiving dividends;
• custody services;
• operations in precious metals.


Transferring money to relatives and partners

Clients can send money both to ordinary people (friends and family) and to businesses and organizations. Transfers across the territory of our country are possible, as well as interstate transactions. Domestic and foreign currency is used. If funds are sent from a ruble account or deposit, then the transfer will be made only in Russian monetary units.
Gazprombank is the official partner of the Western Union money transfer system, so the banks clients can make non-address transfers to any country in the world.

Payment cards from Gazprombank

Gazprombank issues payment cards. The company offers a wide range of documents popular all over the planet VISA and MasterCard systems. Each product has its own unique features: discounts, promotions, bonuses, and more.
1. "Troika" is an international payment card that can be used to pay for Moscow city transport services. With the help of the tool, you can pay in shops and social establishments, receive cash from all ATMs in the world, and make financial transfers. On the card, you can write a travel document "90 minutes", "TAT" or "United", as well as tickets for trains.
2. Gazpromneft is an ideal solution for drivers. When paying by card at gas stations, the client receives bonuses, which are credited to the card account. The accumulated bonuses can be spent on the purchase of fuel at the gas stations of the Gazpromneft company. In addition, the holders of this payment document can receive an overdraft loan on favorable terms.
3. Travel Miles - this card can be either debit or credit. Credit card involves obtaining a loan of the "overdraft" type. Money can be received in cash or paid by non-cash method (within the established credit limit).
This product will appeal to travelers. With the help of a payment document, you can book air tickets, pay for hotel room rent. When paying for tickets with a card, the client receives bonuses in the form of miles to a special account. Points can be redeemed for travel documents.
The card is equipped with contactless payment technology: in order to make a payment, it is enough to bring the document to the screen of the reader.
4. "Leopardess Bary" is a universal card with which you can purchase goods, receive cash and pay for services around the world. The uniqueness of the payment document is that it provides its owner with the opportunity to take part in saving the environment, in particular, in preserving the rare leopard species that live in the Far East. Leopardess Bary lives in the Land of the Leopards Reserve. She was patronized by Gazprombank employees. 1% of the amount of expenses on the card is transferred to the maintenance of the animal.
5. "Gift" card will be a great surprise for a loved one. This is the answer to the rhetorical question "What to give?" Unlike certificates, this product is not limited to any retail outlet: using a payment instrument, you can pay in shopping centers, virtual stores, beauty salons, etc. The card is issued in an original gift box.
6. The Army of Russia is a joint product of Gazprombank and Voentorg. When paying for purchases using this tool, the buyer receives a discount, which is credited to a special account. The cardholder can dispose of the accumulated amount at his own discretion. Russian servicemen can issue a payment document.
7. "Sticker card" is a convenient payment document. It is smaller than the standard card. The card can be glued to any object, for example, to a mobile phone. Calculations are carried out using contactless technology. If the purchase amount is less than 1 thousand rubles, then you do not need to sign a check, a PIN code will be enough.
8. "Card-clock" is an original, convenient and stylish accessory. Contactless technology simplifies the payment process. The chip card is installed in a wristwatch.

Loan products

Gazprombank issues loans to Russian citizens for various needs. Here you can get a consumer loan, a car loan, and get a loan for the purchase of real estate. Bank customers can open a credit card with which they can receive funds in cash.
Consumer lending
Consumer loans are issued for a period of up to 60 months at an interest rate of 13.5%. The borrower can receive up to 3 million rubles. The loan can be repaid ahead of schedule, while the client does not have to pay commissions or fines.
You can apply for a loan online. To do this, go to the official website of the bank and press the button "Apply for a consumer loan".

Car loans

Thanks to the bank, many Russians have purchased vehicles. A financial institution grants loans for the purchase of new cars of Russian or foreign manufacturers. The contract is concluded for 7 years. The borrower must make an initial payment of at least 15% of the cost of the car. Amounts up to 4.5 million rubles are available. The loan rate will be 14% / year.
The purchased vehicle acts as a collateral. The company also requires guarantors.
The bank participates in the state program for subsidizing car loans. This means that Gazprombanks customers can take out loans at reduced rates - from 10.6% / year.
The state program includes vehicles of domestic manufacturers or foreign vehicles manufactured in the Russian Federation. The loan amount will be RUB 920 thousand. The contract is concluded for a 3-year term. The borrower must make an initial payment - at least 20% of the loan amount.


Mortgage lending allows you to buy real estate in the primary and secondary market.
Buying housing in a house that is under construction, the client will receive a loan of up to 45 million rubles at a rate of 12% / year. You will need to make an initial payment - 15%. The contract is concluded for 30 years.
It is worth paying attention to apartments in houses from the developer "Gazprom Invest". These are buildings that have not yet been commissioned. Clients are attracted by reduced rates - from 11.5% / year.
You can also get a cottage with a land plot. The loan amount will be 60 million rubles at a rate of 12.25% / year. Initial payment - from 20% of the loan amount.
Clients of Gazprombank can take part in the state mortgage subsidy program, thanks to which they can get a loan at reduced interest rates - 8.85% / year. The loan amount is not more than 8.5 million rubles.

Opportunity to earn

Citizens of the Russian Federation can receive a stable income by opening deposits, participating in investment programs and mutual funds.
Clients can invest in domestic and foreign currencies. The profit reaches 8.6% / year (with ruble investments). The company offers 6 products, each of which has its own conditions. For some deposits, income is accrued at the end of the term, for others it is transferred monthly to a separate account, for others it is capitalized, increasing the total amount of the account. There are products in which income and expense transactions are allowed.
Accounts can be replenished through remote channels: online banking, Telecard, as well as through Eleksnet self-service terminals.