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Wallet One W1

The global network is becoming an integral part of the life of modern people. It brings comfort to human existence and provides a wide field of activity. Through the Internet, people get to know each other, communicate, find out the latest news and so on. For many, the World Wide Web is a workspace where you can organize your own business and get a good income. But the implementation of mutual settlements is impossible without financial organizations, therefore, online platforms appeared on the Web that provide users with services related to electronic payments. Thanks to these services, we can pay for goods and services without leaving home. One of the largest electronic payment systems today is the W1 Wallet One service. 

The payment system appeared on the Internet in 2007. It is a state financial organization, whose sphere of influence has spread far beyond the borders of Russia. The activity of the service is regulated by the current Russian legislation and controlled by the authorities. The company serves citizens of the neighboring countries. The payment system also works in countries such as the USA and South Africa. The system has more than 12 million active accounts.

Features of "Wallet One"

You can pay for services of more than 200 providers through payment. About 4 thousand virtual trading organizations are connected to the systems website, where EPS clients can purchase various types of goods and pay for them while sitting at their home computer. Money is credited to the accounts of companies instantly.
The services capabilities allow you to:
• top up your cell phone account;
• pay for television (satellite or cable);
• pay for the services of Internet connection providers ;
• provide payment to utilities;
• purchase goods on trading sites;
• pay for the services of the provider of international telephone communication VoIP Betamax with a minimum commission; • buy Ukash- vouchers with which you can make online payments; • carry out intra-system money transfers; • send money to the accounts of third-party EPS users. System participants can use the service as a means of communication by sending messages to each other.


Registration in the system

Those who want to use the services of the service should register the W1 e-wallet by going through the traditional registration procedure.
1. On the official website of the payment system, you must press the "Register" button (located in the upper right corner). A form will open, in the fields of which you need to enter a valid mobile phone number or e-mail address and click the "Create wallet" button. 2. The system will send an SMS message (or an e-mail) containing the wallet identification number (it consists of 12 numbers) and a password that opens access to the account. 3. The user has the right to change the password. To do this, go to the "Settings" section (category "Security"). To enter your personal account, you must enter a login (mobile phone number or e-mail) and a secret password. 


Account management

You can open an e-wallet in various types of monetary units: Russian rubles and Belarusian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnias, South African rand, American money, euros, etc. You can make exchange transactions in the payment system.
You can manage finances at any time of the day or night without being tied to a specific place. The service works around the clock, and you can access it from both a stationary and a laptop.
Work from a home computer is carried out using the W1 Web application , which opens in any browser. The users are provided with software developed specifically for mobile devices. Users can download applications for tablets or smartphones with Android , Symbian , iPhone , Windows Mobile operating systems . A feature of electronic accounts in this system is multicurrency . The account holder can store funds in various types of currencies ( fiat money and cryptocurrency ). Moreover, you can make exchange transactions inside the wallet, while saving on commission fees. The personal account is equipped with all the options that are necessary for effective financial management. The user can: • view the history of payment transactions; • monitor the movement of funds; • control the expense of money; • receive information about the state of the account; • receive information about service updates, current exchange rates, etc .; • create templates for recurring payments; • receive statements of transactions.


"United Cashier"

You can also manage funds with the help of the "United Cashier" - a service for receiving payments. Money is credited in different ways: in cash, non-cash or cryptocurrency . Virtual retail outlets or other online platforms that provide paid services can connect to the Cashier.
United Cashier is a universal tool for receiving transfers. Using its capabilities, the owners of shopping sites will be able to provide their consumers with a huge selection of payment options.
Both private and corporate clients can work with the service. Each user category has its own personal account, equipped with options that are necessary for doing business. Individual entrepreneurs are encouraged to register for a "Personal" account, and representatives of companies and enterprises - a "Business" account.
The commission for services depends on the working capital of the organization: rates decrease as the turnover increases.
In addition to accepting payments, United Cashier offers its customers to use delivery services. The service cooperates with the RedExpress service . This is very convenient, because within one account the seller can:
• accept payments from their customers (including cash);
• use the services of a courier service;
• track delivery history.
Courier company RedExpress delivers across the territory of the Russian Federation. But the administration of the service puts forward certain requirements for its partners. In particular, the virtual store must have its own warehouse in St. Petersburg (Leningrad region), Moscow (Moscow region).

Replenishment of "Wallet One" and withdrawal of money

The payment works in 15 countries, cooperates with large international banks and VISA MasterCard payment systems . This expands the capabilities of customers and allows you to replenish an account or withdraw funds not only in Russia, but also abroad. There are more than 500 thousand outlets through which you can replenish the balance of "One Wallet", and you can withdraw money to payment cards of 80 countries.
How to top up Wallet One?
There are several ways to fund your e-account.
1. You can transfer money to W1 Wallet in cash through terminal networks, through financial transfers, using the systems "Leader", "Contact", "Gorod", " Unistream ", " Anelik ", as well as in mobile shops.
2. To deposit money, you can use non-cash payment methods. Payment cards MasterCard , VISA are perfect as tools . You can transfer money from a current account using the online banking capabilities. 3. You can replenish your e-account with virtual cash from popular EPS (for example, " Yandex Money "). The period of receipt of finances on the e-wallet depends on the method of replenishment. In some cases, the operation takes up to 5 days. If you urgently need to replenish the balance of "Wallet One", then you should use self-service terminals, services of payment points or transfer funds using a payment card. In this case, the money will be credited instantly. Each transaction is accompanied by an SMS message, which contains information about the incoming transaction: time, date, account balance.  

How to withdraw funds from the system

There are also several options for withdrawing funds.
1. Postal order allows you to pick up funds in cash at any of the Russian Post offices.
2. "Live money" can also be obtained at the points of issue of transfers of the "Contact" and " Anelik " systems .
3. The user can transfer funds from the W1 wallet to an e-wallet issued in third-party payment services.

Limits and cost of services

The Wallet One payment service attracts users not only with comfortable working conditions, but also with affordable tariffs. Users do not pay anything for registering an account. No commission is charged for making intra-system transfers. There is no need to pay fees for purchases or services.
1. By transferring money to his account from a bank card, the client will pay a commission of 1.5%. Amount restrictions - 100-3 thousand rubles. Withdrawing money will cost 2.9% + 60 rubles.
2. For bank transfers, the amount of the commission is determined by the financial institution through which the transaction passes.
3. Cost of transactions through financial transfer systems: replenishment of the wallet - 0-2% (you can enter no more than 300 thousand rubles). Withdrawal fee will be 4% (but not less than 60 rubles).
4. Self-service terminals will charge a commission in the range of 0-6%. The amount of payment should not exceed 14 thousand rubles
. 5. In mobile salons, the cost of the operation can reach 5%. The upper limit of the limit is 14 thousand rubles.
6. The tariff for transfers from e-accounts registered in third-party services varies 0-5%. The cost of exchange operations is set individually by each exchange office . 7. The capabilities of the "Wallet One" allow you to repay loans that were issued in domestic banks. The commission for such transactions is 2% + 50 rubles.  


Payments to suppliers

Wallet One is a convenient tool for paying for services. In some cases, it is not required to register an account (for example, when paying for landline telephony, mobile communications).
Through the payment order, you can pay for the services of housing and communal services (electricity, water supply, etc.). Members of the system can pay for the Internet, TV, pay for the services of entertainment sites, and so on.
The service of repayment of loans issued in Russian banks is especially popular among users of the service. The cost of the service is low (only 2% + 50 rubles). You can transfer money to a credit institutions account at any time. The money will be credited to the recipients account instantly. Therefore, even if there are only a few hours left until the end of the term in which it is necessary to repay the loan, the client will have time to transfer the money, and the bank will not have any claims.
It is recommended to create templates for recurring payments, thanks to which you can save personal time and eliminate the possibility of errors. By entering the payment details only once, the user can constantly use the template.

Main characteristics of "Wallet One"

This payment service has the following features:
• the registration procedure is very simple; will not cause difficulties and authentication;
• unauthorized persons cannot receive payment and personal data about the system participants, the service administration guarantees the confidentiality of information;
• customers can use mobile applications and manage accounts without being tied to a desktop computer;
• the service is easily synchronized with other sites (shopping, entertainment, payment, etc.);
• the system offers a wide range of services and many options for depositing / withdrawing funds;
• EPS cooperates with large banks and electronic payment systems.

Financial security of users

The administration of the service strongly recommends that the participants of the system do not disclose the data for entering the "Wallet One". In turn, the payment system employees take effective measures to prevent online fraud . The service does not require you to provide personal data (for example, passport details or residential address).
All payment information goes through an encryption program and only then is transmitted through secure channels. Data transmission is carried out 1 time per session (at the time of authentication), so the scammers will not have time to intercept the information. There are only a few attempts to log into your account: if too many errors are made, the account is blocked.
Transactions are confirmed using one-time codes, which are contained in SMS messages sent to the mobile phone.