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CyberPlat is a universal service thanks to which Internet users can make payments. The payment cooperates with many domestic financial institutions.
March 18, 1998 is a significant date in the life of the company. It was on this day that the first financial transaction took place. The money went to the account of the Garant-Park enterprise. In August of the same year, the mobile operator Beeline was connected to CyberPlat® .
For almost 20 years, electronic service has been serving its customers. During this time, the company gained a reputation for being a reliable, safe and efficient system. The influence of the payment system has spread throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The organization has opened more than 900 thousand payment acceptance points. The system can be used to pay for the services most in demand among Russians:
• cellular and city telephony;
• internet connection and commercial TV;
• utilities and more.

Technologies used in CyberPlat

In CyberPlat use the most modern technology. Payment officers develop software for banking and trade equipment. Financial organizations can install CyberPlat® software on their terminals . "Terminal Client 3.x" is an updated program for banking equipment, which was developed specifically for accepting payments in favor of companies connected to the payment service. Merchant owners can install a "payment module" on their computers. The program is synchronized with the Windows operating system . With the help of the software you can: • accept payment; • keep a journal of payments directly on the computer if there is no Internet connection; • automatically compile lists of transactions accepted by the cashier; • synchronize the work of the computer with cash registers. 

Cash register software

Payment service employees have developed programs for cash registers, thanks to which you can fully automate the trading process.
This software is recommended for so-called convenience stores , social organizations and other companies that form trade and service infrastructure.
The cash register software is easy to integrate. It can be installed on any Windows machine . There will be no difficulties with the installation. The program can:
• register a product (or service);
• accept payments;
• calculate the total purchase price;
• determine the change that the cashier should give to the buyer;
• print payment receipts;
• create statements and financial reports;
• to collect proceeds and so on.
The CyberSharing module is used to load the software . Through this module, the change that remains after payment can be transferred to the benefit of service providers. To carry out this operation, the client must present a CyberChange card .
This module is beneficial for store owners in that it saves on collection costs. CyberPlat
employees support the operation of the software by providing advice on working with modules and solving technical issues.

Applications for portable devices

The CyberPlat system offers its clients to use the CyberPlat Mobile Dealer application . By installing it on a tablet or smartphone, the user will be able to:
• accept and send payments (utilities, mobile and city operators, security organizations, Internet and TV channel providers, and others are available);
• upload the lists of companies connected to CyberPlat ;
• monitor financial transactions;
• receive information about payments and commission fees;
• create access keys;
• print receipts through a fiscal printer;
• carry out deferred financial transactions.
The software can be used on Android devices . The personal account is equipped with all the options that are necessary to manage funds.

Payments to utility companies

The CyberPlat payment system has created all the conditions for Russian citizens to be able to profitably and comfortably pay for the services of utilities: no queues, receipts or additional commission fees.
Payment is accepted at 4700 CyberPlat points . You can also make payments through self-service terminals.

"Book for payments"

Within the CyberPlat system, there is a new service - "Payment Book", which operates according to the "single window" principle. By registering in this service, users will be able to carry out payment transactions in favor of all enterprises that are connected to CyberPlat® . Customers are not charged additional fees.
"Payment book" is a kind of electronic wallet. You can replenish it from a bank card or current account. The service provides users with additional options. The account holder can keep a payment log, storing all data about the financial transaction, connect new service providers to his account, view the transaction history and control the movement of funds.
The "payment book" can also become an additional source of income. This opportunity is provided by an affiliate program. The project participants need to carry out explanatory work among friends and acquaintances and recommend them to register in the system. The dealers account will be credited with 30% for every transaction made by his friend. Earnings are deducted from the commission fee. The dealer will receive income for 10 years.
If you decide to become a dealer, you only need to take 2 steps.
1. Contact the CyberPlat manager (he will open the gateway through which the e-account will be replenished).
2. Find people who want to use the services of the service (the registration procedure can be done through self-service terminals or at payment points).

Services for financial institutions

CyberPlat® service offers a wide range of services for commercial banks.

Integration of money transfer services

Banks connected to this EPS can work with almost all domestic systems that specialize in money transfers. The client will be able to choose the service that is most convenient and profitable for him. This is a good opportunity for a bank to attract consumers.
To take advantage of the offer, the banks administration must conclude a Cooperation Agreement with Platina Commercial Bank. The software required for work is provided free of charge. Financial transactions are carried out in one interface. Payers can send transfers both through the banks cash desks and from their personal account in the online banking system.
What are the benefits of integrating money transfer systems?
1. High speed of financial transactions. The program interface is convenient and easy to use. The cashier will be able to carry out transfers through different services in one window. All transactions are made in real time: just a couple of minutes after registration, the recipient will be able to withdraw his money.
2. Saving time and money. Lets imagine that the bank works with each transfer system separately. In this case, the cashier must be trained to work in the interface of each of the services. It takes a lot of time and money. If you use the Integrator, then the operator needs only 1 training course, from which the employee will learn about working with this software and will be able to carry out operations through all the translation systems.

Acceptance of payment

By signing a cooperation agreement with the CyberPlat® system , the financial institution will be able to expand the list of service providers. You can pay in the following ways:
• ATMs;
• online banking "Bank-client";
• self-service terminals.
By accepting payments through CyberPlat , the bank will be able to expand its client base and receive an additional source of profit from commission fees.


CyberPlat offers acquiring financial institutions to use the new product. With its help, you can integrate payment with "real money" with acquiring notifications for transactions that were carried out using a payment card. This means that trading companies will be able to simultaneously work with both cash and non-cash payments. Payment data is transmitted via a single secure online channel, and transactions are confirmed by the electronic signature of the payer.
By using one POS terminal to accept payments in two different ways, the store owner will be able to save money on equipment and additional software (payments are received through one device). In addition, this allows us to put customer service to a qualitatively new level: the work of the operator is optimized , the efficiency and speed of payments are increased. In turn, buyers will be able to pay for purchases in a way convenient for them.

New clients

By becoming a CyberPlat® partner , the bank will be able to expand its client base at the expense of users who are members of this EPS. Large Russian companies use payment services, therefore these are great prospects for the bank. A financial institution can offer its services to new corporate clients.


CyberPlat users can receive a VISA VIRTUON payment card. This virtual instrument is intended for calculations in the Global Network. The card has no material medium, but this does not affect its capabilities in any way. With its help, you can shop in virtual retail outlets, pay for the services of online organizations and IT developers, top up the balances of gaming sites and transfer money to social media accounts.
To purchase a payment document, you need to contact one of the CyberPlat® payment acceptance points or organizations cooperating with the payment service. You can also use the self-service terminal. To receive VISA VIRTUON, the client must agree with the requirements of the payment system and write an application for the issue of a document.
Using the card is not difficult at all. For example, to find out how much money is left on the card account, you need to go to the website of the financial organization "Platina" and press the button "Statement on the card Online Service". The columns will appear on the screen, in which you should enter the number of the payment document and the code word. Then you need to click the button "Receive statement".
You can use 2 options to top up your balance.
1. Through the cash desk of Platina Bank. In this case, you can deposit cash or apply for a funds transfer with any other VISA card . 2. By money transfer from any bank operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. The money will be credited to the e-account within 1-2 banking days.