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Credit Europe Bank

Credit Europe Bank is a domestic financial institution, the authorized capital of which consists mainly of foreign assets. The bank was founded in 1997 and is part of the European financial group FIBA. This community appeared in the European banking market in 1987. Today, the structure operates in Western and Eastern Europe, the United Arab Emirates and China. FIBAs geographical expansion has spread to 12 countries. In Russia, the first representative office of the organization was opened in 1994.

FIBA specialists in their work use the latest developments in the field of banking and an individual approach to each of their clients. This is what determines the success of the financial structure.

Credit Europe Bank owns 69 branches that operate in 30 localities of our country. In addition, the financial institution has opened about 4 thousand retail outlets. The company also has an ATM network of nearly 6 hundred ATMs.

The Bank is a universal organization that provides a full range of financial services to private clients and representatives of enterprises and organizations. The list of clients includes about 5 million Russian citizens, 19 thousand companies representing the small and medium segment of domestic business and 1600 corporate clients.

The financial institution is one of the banks with the largest authorized capital - about 3 billion rubles. The company does not lag behind the leading banks in terms of net asset size - 139 billion rubles.

Credit Europe Bank is positioned as a leader in consumer loans and credit cards. International rating agencies speak of this financial institution as a reliable and promising bank.


Lending to corporate clients

The bank provides financing to corporate clients. The loan can be issued both in national and foreign currency. Lending purposes can be very different:

  •                    replenishment of working capital;
  •                    purchase of commercial vehicles;
  •                    acquisition of corporate real estate (office premises, sales rooms, warehouses, etc.);
  •                    expansion of production;
  •                    purchase and repair of equipment and more .

When deciding to issue a loan, the credit commission is guided by the following requirements for borrowers:

  •                    work experience of at least 1 year;
  •                    positive credit history;
  •                    absence of debts to the state budget and non-budgetary organizations;
  •                    financial stability;
  •                    compliance of loan conditions with the needs of the enterprise;
  •                    openness of information about the companys activities, data about its finances.

Loan products for corporate clients do not provide for fixed interest rates. The size of the rates depends on the characteristics of the borrowing company (solvency, business specifics, etc.), as well as on the events taking place in the global and domestic market.

To obtain a loan, the client must provide collateral, which can be real estate, goods, property rights, liquid securities issued by Russian or foreign organizations, and bank guarantees.


Overdraft allows you to close the cash gap. Corporate clients of Credit Europe Bank can apply for this type of lending. An application for opening a credit account can be submitted via telephone or virtual mode.


Increasing the enterprise budget: deposits and savings accounts

The bank offers business leaders to increase the companys budget using income from savings accounts. The financial institution has developed several deposit products.

Term deposits

"Credit Europe Bank" offers to place funds on time deposit accounts, which are opened in various currencies. The contract can be concluded for a period of 1 day. The rate is determined individually for each depositor and depends on changes in the Interbank deposit market.

  1.                 "Classical". The client can independently determine the method of paying the profit: every month, every quarter, or at the end of the term of the deposit. According to the agreement, the client can terminate the agreement, but in this case the profit will be calculated at a rate of 0.01% / year. 
  2.                 "Flexible". This product provides the depositor with complete freedom of action. The client can replenish the account or withdraw funds, having previously warned the bank employees. 

Savings on current accounts

In order to receive income, it is not at all necessary to open a deposit. Interest can also be charged on the balance of funds. The profit is calculated on the average monthly or on the minimum balance.

With an average monthly balance, the size of the bet will depend on the timing and amount of the balance. Profit is paid every month.

When receiving income on the minimum balance, the depositor must take care of the minimum amount established in the deposit agreement, otherwise income will not be accrued. The profit is paid at the end of the contract.


Corporate customer cards

Credit Europe Bank issues payment cards that have been developed specifically for corporate clients. These are Eurocard / MasterCard Business cards .

People who are somehow connected with the companys finances can work with corporate payment instruments. The number of cards that will be linked to the bank account is determined by the head of the company.

Using a corporate client card, you can carry out various types of financial transactions:

  •                    non-cash payment of entertainment and travel expenses;
  •                    cash withdrawals both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  •                    execution of additional payment documents.


Participation in a salary project

Credit Europe Bank invites the heads of enterprises to enter into cooperation within the framework of a salary project, which provides for the transfer of salaries to the companys employees through this financial institution. The following services are available within the project:

  •                    production and service of cards (free of charge);
  •                    preparation of foreign currency accounts in addition to the salary payment document;
  •                    opening a salary card with a credit limit (overdraft);
  •                    production of additional payment instruments.

Holders of salary cards can withdraw cash or pay by bank transfer anywhere in the world. All payment information is kept in the strictest confidence. In case of any questions or difficulties, the client can at any time contact the Cool- center, which works around the clock.

The bank can install ATMs on the territory of the enterprise. This fact should be stipulated when concluding a contract.

Savings products for individuals

Credit Europe Bank offers several options for deposit products for Russian citizens. By opening a deposit in this bank, the client receives a number of advantages.

  1.                 The freedom of action. The depositor has the right to terminate the deposit agreement before the end of the term (profit is retained). Some products provide the option of making a deposit or a partial withdrawal of funds. 
  2.                 Reliability. A financial organization is trusted by enterprises of various sizes and specializations (housing and communal services, owners associations, the Russian Pension Fund). More than 4.5 million Russian citizens have deposited their savings on deposit accounts of Credit Europe Bank. 
  3.                 Comfort. Accounts can be managed through remote service systems. From your personal account registered in online banking, you can open / close deposits, replenish or withdraw money, view the account balance or find out the amount of interest income. 


The main feature of this product is its high yield: up to 9.7% for investments in rubles. You can open an account both in domestic currency and in US and EU monetary units. The profit is paid at the end of the term of the deposit agreement. The agreement is concluded for a period from 1 month to 3 years in rubles and from 3 months to 2 years in foreign currency. This product does not provide for the possibility of receipt and expenditure procedures.

By terminating the agreement ahead of schedule, the depositor can expect to keep 50% of the profit received from interest.


The deposit is opened in national or foreign currency. The product will bring a good profit to the depositor - up to 9.6% in rubles, up to 2.2% in dollars and up to 0.4% in European money.

When opening an account, the client must invest at least 3 thousand rubles (100 conventional units). The deposit agreement is concluded for a period from 3 months to 2 years. The deposit does not provide for replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

The peculiarity of this product is that the client can withdraw the money earned from interest on a monthly basis.


This product gives the investor complete freedom of action. By placing funds , the client will be able to replenish the account and withdraw money up to the minimum balance (20% of the invested amount). You can invest in rubles, euros and dollars.

The yield is 8.5% (in rubles). The profit will be paid on the day specified in the contract (together with the total amount of the deposit).

"Growing Income"

The deposit assumes a good yield (up to 9.5% in rubles). The account is opened in local currency and foreign currency units. When opening an account, the client must deposit at least 3 thousand rubles (1 thousand conventional units).

The deposit agreement is concluded for 12 months. Profit is paid every quarter, adding to the total amount of the contribution.


Private lending

Credit Europe Bank provides loans to Russian citizens. A financial institution provides a wide range of loan products:

  •                    loans for all sorts of needs (purchase of goods and payment for services);
  •                    loans for the purchase of personal vehicles;
  •                    mortgage products;
  •                    loans with "real money";
  •                    loans for the purchase of travel vouchers;
  •                    plastic cards with a credit limit.

The bank participates in government subsidies of car loan rates, thanks to which Russian citizens can purchase a new vehicle on very favorable terms. The loan rate will be 8.93% per annum.

You can apply for a loan in virtual or telephone mode. Before obtaining a loan, the borrower can calculate the interest and the amount of monthly payments. To do this, you need to use a loan calculator.

Credit cards allow you to get a loan of up to 500 thousand rubles. This is one of the most profitable and convenient lending methods. The client can withdraw cash at any time or pay by non-cash payments.

By paying for the purchase with a card, you can get a discount from 5 to 10%. Certain products participate in a bonus program that allows you to earn bonus miles. Holders of credit documents automatically become participants in loyalty programs from the MasterCard payment system . Credit cards "Credit Europe Bank" are accepted all over the world. 

Repayment of credit debt

Bank customers can make monthly payments to repay the loan in any convenient way:

  •                    through ATMs of Credit Europe Bank (no commission is charged);
  •                    from your personal account in the online banking system (no commission charged);
  •                    through payment terminals QIWI (commission - 1.6% of the payment amount), " Eleksnet " (commission 0-2%);  
  •                    at points of acceptance of payments "Rapida" (commission fee - 1%);
  •                    in the branches of the Russian Postal Service;
  •                    at the box office of Svyaznoy salons.

Debt can be repaid in automatic mode. This is the most convenient option as it eliminates delays in payments. The service can be used by holders of credit or debit payment cards "Credit Europe Bank". To connect to the service, the client should contact the bank employees and submit an application.

The amount of the monthly payment will be debited automatically at exactly the appointed time. The borrower should only worry about having enough money in the account.

Loan restructuring

Financial difficulties can arise in the life of every person: dismissal from work, illness, and so on. At times like these, it is very difficult to pay off the loan on time. Credit Europe Bank helps its clients to solve this problem and offers to use such a product as credit restructuring. The program assumes changes in financing conditions, payment schedule and interest rates.

Borrowers who decide to use this service should contact the branch of the financial institution.