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International financial structure " Citi " is one of the largest banking structures on the planet. The corporation has more than 200 years of history. The geographical expansion of the financial group spread over the territory of over 160 states. The client base is very extensive: more than 200 million individuals and legal entities have opened accounts with the bank. In 1992, the company also entered the Russian market. Its subsidiary Citibank operates in our country.
In terms of its authorized capital, Citibank is in the TOP-20 among domestic banking structures. The organization ranks 7th in terms of annual profit.
Bank City is a universal financial institution offering its clients a wide range of services:
• lending products;
• services related to investment;
• brokerage services;
• operations with shares and bonds;
• capital Management;
• payments and money transfers;
• implementation of financial procedures related to commercial activities and much more.
At the moment, Citibank is the leading banking network among similar structures operating in the domestic market. The company employs about 30 thousand specialists. Over 800 thousand accounts have been opened in the bank. The network consists of 50 branches located in 11 large settlements of our country.

Benefit from Citibank

Inappropriate loans

Bank clients can obtain a loan for the purchase of various goods (furniture, computer equipment, household appliances ) or payment for services (education, medicine, etc.). To apply for a loan, no collateral is required. You will only need 2 documents: a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a certificate of salary. The loan is issued "in real money".
There are several reasons why it is worth getting a loan from Citibank.
1. Fast registration of a loan. The client can apply for a loan through the City Online Banking service. A special commission will consider the application within a few minutes.
2. Maximum credit limit. The loan amount can reach 2 million rubles. The debt can be repaid within 60 months.
3. Individual approach. The interest rate is determined for each borrower individually. The rate ranges from 15 to 20% / year.
4. No additional payments. The client only pays the loan amount + interest. There are no hidden fees.
Like any credit institution, Citibank imposes certain requirements on its borrowers. A citizen of the Russian Federation with a permanent job can get a loan. The borrowers monthly income must be at least 30 thousand rubles.
Offers to borrowers
about the form of credit in "Citibank", people will be able to take advantage of complementary products:
• a set of "services CitiOne " (the client does not pay for the connection of the package and its maintenance during the period of the loan agreement has been issued);
• current bank account (in local currency);
• debit plastic card MasterCard .
By applying for a loan through online banking, the borrower will be able to receive a remuneration of 1% of the loan amount (but not more than 20 thousand).
Citibank customers can take part in the Refer a Friend affiliate program and receive a cash gift of 2,000 rubles. To do this, you need to tell your friends or relatives about the lending terms offered by this financial institution. If a potential client agrees to apply for a loan at a bank, then he must submit an application through the companys website and indicate the details of the person who recommended Citibank.
In this case, there is a benefit for the future borrower: he receives a loan at reduced interest rates.

Convenient lending tool

Credit cards are, of course, considered a popular type of lending. Citibank instruments are especially beneficial. Having become a cardholder, a person will be able to freely dispose of credit funds in the amount of up to 600 thousand rubles. The terms of the agreement say that the borrower does not pay interest within 50 days from the date of the first debit transaction.
The credit provided on the payment card is renewed. This means that by paying off the current debt, the account holder can use the money again. The client can withdraw cash or pay for goods and services by bank transfer.
You can issue a card directly on the website. To do this, you must fill out a special form, indicating personal data (last name, first name, patronymic and date of birth), contact information (cell phone number and residential address) and the amount of monthly income. You dont need to go anywhere to get a plastic document: the card will be delivered free of charge. Holders of credit cards from Citibank can also receive additional privileges: • discounts on goods purchased in partner stores; • preferential terms of payment by installments; • the ability to pay for utility services without charging a commission. There are special offers for the banks clients. Having issued a credit card, they can use the money at reduced interest rates (18% / year). Servicing a payment document is free of charge. Credit cards from Citibank allow you to spend your family budget very economically. This is facilitated by promotions and bonus programs that the bank implements together with its partners. Here are some ways you can save money and, in some cases, even generate additional income. 1. Recommend a Citibank credit card and receive a reward of RUB 100,000. 2. By purchasing a plane ticket through the Citibank server, you can get up to 20% discount. 3. Having paid for the goods purchased in the Aldo chain of stores , the client receives 2 thousand rubles on his account. 4. Discounts are also available for electrical equipment purchased with a Citibank credit card. The discount can be up to 15%. 


Debit cards from Citibank

Debit cards are a convenient tool with which you can effectively manage your finances. Holders of Citibank payment documents automatically become members of discount and bonus programs. Having a card in hand, the client can withdraw cash from ATMs and bank cash desks, pay for goods and services by non-cash payment, pay for goods purchased in online stores, make payments in favor of service providers through remote services.
The bank issues its cards in conjunction with the world payment systems VISA and MasterCard , which means that debit documents can be used for payment in any trade establishment on the planet.

We are going on a trip

The banks clients can open accounts in currencies of various countries: USA, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and many others. Debit cards are automatically linked to the ruble account, however, if the cardholder is going to leave the Russian Federation, he can link the payment instrument to any foreign currency account. This will reduce the conversion costs.

Additional payment cards

The owner of a debit card can additionally draw up several more documents and present them to his family members. At the same time, information about the expense of money will come to the customers phone, thanks to which it is possible to track the movement of money and control waste.

"Premium" cards

Premium debit cards give their holders special privileges. By paying with a card for the services of restaurants, hotel complexes, rental of vehicles, the client receives good discounts, as well as gifts in the form of invitations to cultural events (fashion show, closed-type sales, etc.).
1. The VISA Premium card allows you to purchase goods at special prices. The action is attended by one and a half thousand establishments operating not only in Russia, but also abroad. 2. “Priceless Cities” are the ideal solution for travelers. Card participates in the program by the company MasterCard and allows you to make payments on favorable terms in all the institutions of the world, collaborating with this payment system. Citibank has prepared a surprise for its premium customers: a bonus of 1,200 rubles is annually credited to all card accounts. Premium cards are available to consumers with at least RUB 400,000 in their accounts. In this case, the payment document is drawn up free of charge.  

Modern technologies for payment cards

Premium cards from City Bank are equipped with contactless technology. To make payments, you do not need to give the document to the cashier: the client touches the card to the screen of the reader. The completion of the operation is indicated by a sound signal, after which the terminal is disconnected. Secondary debiting of funds is excluded.

We save money together with Citibank

At Citibank, you can open savings accounts in domestic and foreign currencies. The client can make an unlimited number of deposits. The yield will depend on the type of currency, the amount and the period for which the funds were invested.
By opening a deposit in rubles, the client can receive 6.5% / year. Dollar accounts provide a profit of 0.10% / year. By opening a deposit in European banknotes, the client can expect an income of 0.01% / year.
The depositor must deposit at least 5 thousand rubles ($ 100 / euro) on the account.
To open a deposit, you should contact the bank branch. You can also use virtual services to place a deposit.

Without visiting a bank branch

Citibank specialists have launched a number of services that allow you to manage accounts without visiting a bank branch.
1. Citibank Online . Using this service, customers can carry out transactions without leaving their own apartment. To work, you need a computer connected to the Network. To gain access to the Citibank virtual banking system , you must complete the registration procedure by filling out a special form. From their personal account, system participants can pay for goods and services, transfer money to partners, print copies of payment orders, etc. 2. Citi Mobile . By downloading a special application to his smartphone, the client will be able to access banking services wherever he is at the moment. 3. CitiPhone . This is a voice menu service, thanks to which users can receive complete information about the status of their accounts and about completed payment transactions. Information is provided automatically. Contact numbers can be found on the official Citibank website. 4. Banking equipment. The companys ATMs are multifunctional devices with which you can not only receive "real money", but also carry out financial transactions: replenish an account, send funds to another user, pay a fee to service providers (housing and communal services, telephony, Internet). With the help of ATMs, you can find out about the balance of money on the account, view the history of payments, get a statement or track the movement of funds. 5. SMS-informing. All transactions are accompanied by messages that appear on the clients cell phone. The notification contains information about the amount of expense or receipt of funds and the account balance. All services work around the clock, without breaks, weekends and holidays.


What does it take to become a Citibank customer?

To become a client of the bank, you must submit an application. This can be done both in the company branch and in virtual mode. You will need to provide a civil passport. Private entrepreneurs need to take with them a copy of the tax return that was submitted in the previous year.
Residents of other countries can also become clients of a financial institution. They are required to Passepied Hg page Ana residence, passport translation, notarized, as well as certificate of employment. You will also need copies of entry documents (visa and migration card).
After submitting an application through the banks website, a potential client should wait for a call from a Citibank manager. The consultant will tell you what documents need to be prepared, and will schedule a meeting at which organizational issues will be resolved.