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In 1989, a new private structure appeared in the domestic banking business - the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "CentroCredit". The network consists of 5 branches operating in the Russian Federation and one overseas branch located in the UK.
The bank works with individuals and legal entities, providing various types of financial services, including loan products. The organization issues its own bills. The company is a member of the state deposit insurance program.

CentroCredit offers for regular clients

For individuals, CentroCredit can offer a wide range of banking products:
• bank accounts;
• payment cards;
• operations with precious metals and coins;
• rental of safe boxes;
• payment transactions;
• transfer of funds to third-party accounts;
• lending programs;
• savings and savings;
• procedures for currency conversion.

Payment Instruments

The Bank issues international payment cards in cooperation with MasterCard and VISA. A wide range of products will satisfy the needs of various categories of customers.
Students, retirees and people with low incomes can apply for special cards designed to transfer social benefits. Using these documents, you can withdraw money from an ATM, pay in a store, or make a payment through terminal equipment.
For high-status clients there are special offers from MasterCard and VISA systems . For example, the bearer of the card can enter the halls of museums even after the end of the working day. A payment document is a pass to various sporting events, concerts, etc. The card provides a discount on the services of social and consumer services. Discounts are available at most stores that accept this type of card. You can order a tool equipped with contactless technology, which greatly simplifies the procedure for cashless payments. To make a payment, the client should simply touch the terminal screen with the card. A repeated payment is excluded: the end of the transaction will be notified with a sound signal, and the device will immediately turn off. In addition, the payer does not hand the card over to the seller. Security is also ensured by the individual signature of the owner of the payment document. Cards issued by CentroCredit Bank are an ideal option for people who are going to travel abroad: 1. Whatever currency is stored on the card account, it does not have to be indicated in the declaration when crossing the state border. 2. With the help of payment documents, you can withdraw cash from ATMs installed on the territory of many countries. Cards are also accepted in trade organizations. 3. It is necessary to indicate the card account number and the value added tax will be refunded. You can control costs using remote services. By registering an account in online banking, the client will be able to receive financial reports every month and monitor the direction of movement of funds. Information about expense and income transactions can also be obtained via SMS sent to the phone of the owner of the payment document. In case of any questions, the client can contact the Cool Center of CentroCredit Bank (official site http://www.ccb.ru).   

Deposit accounts

The organizations specialists have developed a wide range of deposit products that will satisfy the requirements of even the most discerning people. Here you can open a deposit not only in the national currency or in the widespread monetary units of the European Union and the United States, but also in Israeli shekels and British pounds sterling. You can also use three-currency and even multi-currency programs.
Lets consider some proposals:
1. The "Profitable" deposit is opened for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months with a minimum investment of 100 thousand rubles. The yield depends on the amount and terms of the placement of funds and can be 8.5% / year. Additional contributions are possible. Interest is calculated every day. You can collect income at the end of the term, along with the entire amount. If necessary, the depositor may demand to issue the money before the date specified in the agreement. In this case, interest is accrued according to the terms of the deposit "On demand" (0.01% / year).
2. "Income Plus" can be opened in national or foreign currency. If the client places US dollars, the rate can be up to 2% / year. A deposit agreement can be concluded for a period of 1 to 12 months (in 3-month increments). At least 5 thousand dollars should be deposited into the account. Additional contributions are accepted without restrictions. Interest is calculated according to the same principle as in the "Profitable" deposit. The deposit is automatically prolonged if the client did not collect his money within the period specified in the contract.
3. "Multicurrency" deposit provides for simultaneous investments in several types of currencies. The investor needs to invest 100 conventional units. That is, the total amount should be at least 25 thousand rubles (equivalent). The client can carry out exchange transactions within the account. This allows you to save on currency conversion fees.

Savings certificates

CentroCredit Bank offers Russian citizens another product that can help them earn extra income - savings certificates. What do they give?
• Opportunity to get a higher profit than with standard deposits;
• protection against falsification;
• a fixed rate, the size of which is determined at the time of registration of the document and can reach 6.75% / year;
• the ability to operate with terms up to 1 day.
The owner of the savings certificate can transfer the document to third parties (there is no need to contact a notary to issue a power of attorney). Anyone can present a certificate for payment. The main condition is the presence of an identity document. The certificate can be presented for payment and ahead of schedule, while the profit is not lost.
Urgent certificates are issued in national currency. The client must invest at least 30 thousand rubles. Documents can be drawn up by both citizens of our country and those filed by other states. You can buy or sell this type of securities for cash or by bank transfer.
Attention! The certificate cannot be used to pay for services or goods.
The depositor receives income from interest at the time of withdrawing money from the account. The yield is indicated in the document and cannot be changed under any circumstances. Funds can be transferred to the clients account or issued "in real money". If the document has been lost, it can be restored. To do this, the depositor will have to go to court.

Loans for private clients

Russian citizens can apply for a consumer loan at the CentroCredit Bank. The loan can be obtained by people aged 23 and over with a positive credit history. When opening a loan, bank employees will require a certificate of the borrowers income.
To get a loan, the client needs to apply. The application will be reviewed by the credit commission within 2 weeks. The money is disbursed in a lump sum or by a line of loans with disbursement or debt limitation.
The loan agreement is concluded for a period of 12 to 60 months. The client can receive funds in Russian or foreign currency. The size of the interest rate depends on the type of currency, the amount and term of the loan:
• rubles - 8-24% / year;
• foreign currency - 3-20% / year.
When drawing up a payment schedule, the wishes and capabilities of the borrower are taken into account. The property of the borrower can act as security: real estate, vehicles, etc.
If the borrower violates his obligations, the bank imposes penalties. For each day of delay, a penalty of 20% per year is charged.

Offers for business leaders

CentroCredit offers favorable terms of cooperation to corporate clients. Having become a partner of the bank, the head of an enterprise can count on:
• services of a personal manager;
• reliability;
• special approach;
• flexible service system;
• round-the-clock access to the services of a financial institution.
CentroCredit offers the following types of services:
• placement of available funds in deposit accounts;
• work with securities;
• investment projects;
• credit programs;
• RSC;
• remote service.

Business financing

Legal entities can receive credit funds for the development of their enterprise. The money can be used to expand the business, increase working capital, purchase goods or equipment. The bank offers to use the following types of lending:
• one-time loan;
• credit lines;
• overdrafts;
• loans covering letters of credit;
• loans for investment and financing of projects and programs.
The credit commission reviews loan applications as soon as possible. The bank also provides such type of financing as complexly structured loans. The client can arrange a loan for a short period, for example, until the moment when the company has an anchor lender or investor.
CentroCredit is loyal to the assessment of collateral. The bank offers about 80% of the collateral price.
Even those companies that do not have a current account with this financial institution can get a loan .
The bank issues loans on the following conditions:
1. When calculating the loan amount, the organizations specialists approach each client individually. Factors such as the form of lending, the solvency of the enterprise and the specifics of the business are taken into account.
2. When determining the terms of concluding a loan agreement, the wishes of both parties are taken into account: the bank and the borrower.
3. The size of interest rates varies from 12 to 18% / year. The rate will depend on the possible risks, as well as the additional profit that the company can receive from the services provided by the bank.
4. To get a loan, the head of the company must provide security - collateral. This can be real estate, guarantors, bank guarantees, enterprise products, fixed assets, securities.
5. The bank issues loans in national or foreign currency units.
The procedure for obtaining a loan from CentroCredit Bank is very simple. The head of the company must submit an application for consideration to the credit commission and prepare the necessary documents. During this time, the specialists of the financial organization will analyze information about the borrowing company, approve the parameters of the loan agreement and prepare their proposals that will meet the needs and capabilities of the enterprise. At the last stage, the client needs to familiarize himself with the terms of the contract and sign it.
In the field of corporate finance, the bank offers several types of services:
1. M&A format transaction. This service allows you to increase the profitability of the enterprise. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to acquire an additional unit of business or sell non-core assets.
2. Attracting investments (strategic or financial). This will help replenish the companys finances and gain strategic benefits.
3. Sale of a ready-made business. The bank is selling companies that need to change owners. In addition, the specialists of the financial organization will help develop a strategic plan for the development of the enterprise, which will contribute to an increase in profitability.

Collection services

Trade enterprises can use collection services from Bank CentroCredit. Professionals working in collector teams will ensure the safety and on-time delivery of cash and valuables. The organization offers a flexible work schedule: the client can order the service at a convenient moment for him.
The list of collection services includes:
• transportation of cash to the bank (the schedule is agreed with the customer);
• recalculation of money;
• transfer of finance to the customers current account;
• transportation of valuables (the route is indicated by the customer);
• escorting cash or valuables (including securities and money to pay employees) from the financial institution to the destination specified by the customer;
• delivery of banknotes or coins of various denominations;
• servicing clients who do not have accounts with CentroCredit.