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Binbank Bank

B&N Bank is one of the largest banks operating in the Russian Federation. The reliability and safety of the financial institution has been confirmed by domestic and foreign rating agencies. International analysts speak of B&N Bank as a stable financial institution with great potential.
The company was founded in 1993. For more than two decades, the bank's services have been used by private clients and enterprises representing various areas of the Russian economy.
The bank is expanding its sphere of influence by opening offices throughout the country: the banking network consists of 500 branches. The peculiarity of the products provided by a financial institution is their focus on regional markets.
The company provides financial support to small and medium-sized businesses.

Banking products for business

Loans for small businesses

The organization helps small businesses develop by providing loans on favorable terms. The range of products is very wide. Programs differ from each other in terms of interest rates, terms of debt repayment, terms of agreement, type of collateral, etc. Among such a variety, each client can easily find a loan that will meet his needs and capabilities.
Binbank offers corporate clients to take advantage of the following offers:
• loans intended to replenish working capital (may be in the form of credit lines);
• business investment;
• refinancing of loans issued by third-party financial institutions (involves changing the rates and terms of debt repayment);
• targeted lending (funds are intended for the purchase of equipment for commercial vehicles, retail space, offices, etc.).
Clients of a financial institution can issue a bank guarantee for the fulfillment of trading obligations.
For corporate clients, a simplified loan processing procedure is provided. The decision to issue a loan is made in a short time.
B&N Bank issues business loans to private entrepreneurs, legal entities, and residents of the Russian Federation.

Business lending terms

  1. "Overdraft". This product is very popular among corporate clients, since no collateral is required for its design. This type of loan is convenient for companies whose activities are seasonal. Overdraft helps to solve problems related to the issuance of wages, payment for the services of suppliers, payment of taxes, etc. The overdraft amount can reach 40 million rubles. The contract is concluded for 2 years. Payment of tranches is carried out within 1-2 months.
    2. "Revolving" loan will help keep the business "in good shape". Having issued it, the head of the enterprise will be able to replenish goods, purchase raw materials and materials. Thus, it will not be necessary to suspend production if suddenly there is no available funds. This product is available to companies that have been operating in the domestic market for at least six months. The loan amount is 1 million rubles. When applying for a loan, the manager must provide security (collateral): a bill of exchange, a bank guarantee, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    3. "Investment" loan assumes additional financing required for the development of the enterprise. The client can receive credit funds at one time or by the type of credit lines. The main debt can be deferred for up to six months. The borrower can receive up to 1 million rubles. The term of the loan agreement is up to 10 years. Commercial real estate, land plot, transport (including construction), equipment are suitable as collateral.
    4. The “Target” product is intended for the purchase of equipment, commercial vehicles, and so on. When applying for a loan, the client must make an initial payment - at least 20% of the value of the purchased property. The loan amount is 1 million rubles. The debt must be paid within 5 years. The property, which is acquired by the client, acts as collateral.
    5. Having issued a loan "Business Real Estate", you can purchase warehouse premises, trading floors, an office and other types of commercial real estate on favorable terms. The minimum loan amount is 1 million rubles. The borrower needs to make the first payment from his own funds (at least 20% of the cost of the premises). The debt must be repaid within 2-10 years (depending on the loan amount). The loan is provided in the form of a credit line or in the form of a one-time payment.
    More information about loans for corporate clients can be found on the portal of the Binbank company (official website https://www.binbank.ru/).


Salary programs

B&N Bank has prepared salary programs for corporate clients, with the help of which it is possible to optimize the process of issuing salaries and drawing up financial statements.
To become a project participant, the head of the company does not have to open a bank account. It will take no more than 7 days to organize the work. During this time, all the necessary documents will be prepared and the required number of plastic cards will be issued.
A salary project saves time and money. Costs for collection and storage of cash are excluded, the burden on the accounting department is reduced, and the volume of reporting documents is reduced.
The employees of the company also benefit. They can dispose of the salary at their discretion: withdraw cash or pay by non-cash method.
Participants of the salary project (both managers and staff of the company) can take advantage of special privileges: preferential lending conditions, increased deposit rates, cash withdrawals at any ATM of B&N Bank or partners without charging a commission, additional income (up to 7%) on the balance funds, the opportunity to take part in bonus and discount programs, and so on.

B&N Bank: products for the population

For private clients B&N Bank offers a wide range of products:
• deposits;
• lending;
• payment cards (credit and debit);
• insurance;
• payments and money transfers.
Most of these products are available in virtual mode on the Internet banking server from Binbank.


Russians trust the financial institution Binbank with their savings: deposits attract customers with favorable interest rates. The variety of products offered by the company is able to satisfy the requirements of even the most sophisticated people.
1. The "Magnificent Seven" product is very popular. High profitability (up to 6.7% in rubles) is combined with comfortable conditions, which provide for unlimited account replenishment and the ability to withdraw funds without losing interest. Interest is calculated every day and added to the total amount of the deposit. An account can be opened in domestic or foreign currency. A person must invest at least 10 thousand rubles (300 conventional units).
2. "Maximum interest" is a great opportunity to get a good profit (interest rate will be up to 10% / year). You can make a deposit at a bank branch or through the Internet banking system (online deposits provide an increased rate). Profit earned from interest will be paid at the end of the contract. Receipt and expense transactions are not provided. The account can be stored in rubles, dollars or euros. The amount of the deposit must be at least 10 thousand rubles (300 conventional units).
3. "Monthly Income" provides for the payment of profit every month. Interest is transferred to a special account. The interest rate can reach 8.4% (for ruble investments). The client can invest in rubles or foreign currency. It is possible to replenish the deposit, but you cannot withdraw money. By opening an account online, the client receives a premium of 0.5%. Pensioners also receive an additional bonus - 0.15%.
B&N Bank offers several more products (detailed information can be found on the company's website).

Payment cards

Wide variety of payment instruments. The bank's customers can get a classic card with a standard set of services or a premium product designed for high-status users.
1. The "Salary" card allows you to withdraw cash at any ATM without commissions (a client can receive 30 thousand rubles in one session). A profit of 5% is accrued on the balance of funds. Using a payment document for non-cash payments, the client returns about 5% of the purchase price. Cardholders can connect to the Internet banking service and pay for the services of more than 5 thousand companies without leaving their homes.
2. "Pension" card is a profitable solution for elderly people. Having received a payment document, they will not only withdraw cash for free, but also receive a source of additional income (albeit small, but stable) - up to 7% of the balance. In addition, the card participates in the Binbonus bonus program, which provides a discount in the form of bonuses on goods purchased in partner stores. Bonuses are credited to a special account. Points can be exchanged for goods. Account maintenance is free of charge.
3. The Junior product is specially designed for the younger generation. Thanks to this card, the child gets the first basics of financial literacy, learns to manage money and takes steps into adulthood. Access to account management is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Messages about income and expense transactions are received both by the cardholder (child) and his representatives (parents). Adults can set a limit on how much money is spent. The balance is charged a profit of 7%.
4. A credit card is a profitable and convenient way to obtain a loan. The borrower can dispose of the credit funds at his own discretion. The client can receive a loan of up to 3 million rubles. You can withdraw cash from an ATM or bank cash desks (no commission is charged) or pay by bank transfer. Within 55 days from the date of the debit transaction, the client uses the funds without interest. Cardholders automatically become members of the Binbonus program, the terms of which provide for a refund (up to 5% of the purchase price) in the form of bonuses. Points can then be exchanged for goods.

Premium package of services

The Premium package is the ideal solution for those who travel frequently. Having issued this product, the client receives a VISA Signature card. The payment instrument is accepted all over the world. In addition, you can apply for a multicurrency card. On her account, you can store funds in domestic and foreign currency, as well as carry out conversion operations within the account.
Customers who have issued a premium package can take part in the loyalty program and receive a 7% discount on transport tickets and services of hotel complexes. A 1% discount is charged for the purchase of goods in partner stores.
Another bonus of the "Premium" package is the Priority Pass international card. This payment document will provide comfort during your stay in airport lounges:
• access to VIP lounges at airports;
• snacks and drinks;
• comfortable accommodation for guests and partners;
• free connection to the Internet;
• rooms for meetings and conferences.
B&N Bank employees will prepare all the documents that must be submitted to the embassy for a visa. Certificates are issued free of charge.
The package also includes a concierge service. While staying abroad, clients can count on medical and legal services. For package owners traveling outside Russia, an insurance policy is drawn up (the amount of insurance can reach 100 thousand euros).

B&N Bank-Online

B&N Bank-Online is a remote service that allows you to make financial transactions without leaving your home. From the virtual office, the user can pay for the services of more than 18 thousand enterprises (utilities, Internet and cable TV providers, mobile operators and city telephony, etc.).
In online mode, you can manage deposits (replenish or withdraw money), transfer funds to friends or partners, receive information on loans (debt balance, payment schedule, current payment amount), view transaction history, track the movement of money.
The account is equipped with options that allow you to create payment templates and set up an automatic mode for regular payments.