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Bank Revival

In the spring of 1991, a significant event took place on the Russian financial market - a new bank was opened. This is one of the largest credit institutions in Russia - Bank Vozrozhdenie. Today the company is one of the thirty leading domestic banks. Analysts characterize Vozrozhdenie as a reliable, safe and efficient financial structure. The banks activities are based on Russian legislation and are regulated by special permits (licenses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). The work of the company is highly appreciated by international rating agencies. Bank Vozrozhdenie is a complex financial structure consisting of 142 branches and about 1,000 ATMs (plus partner banking equipment). The geographical expansion of the company has spread to 21 Russian regions. 

The bank operates in various areas of the banking sector. The financial organization cooperates with huge corporations, with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, with industrial enterprises. Last but not least is the provision of retail services to Russian citizens. The corporate part of the client base consists of 63 thousand organizations. The bank has about 2 million accounts for individual clients. Government agencies also cooperate with the organization.
• Settlement and cash services;
• issuing loans to individuals and legal entities;
• production of payment cards;
• making money transfers and payments;
• deposits and investments.
These and other types of services are available to Russians at Bank Vozrozhdenie.
The company issued about 1.35 million plastic payment documents. More than 7 and a half thousand contracts have been concluded within the framework of the salary project.

Business development assistance

Small businesses can take advantage of favorable lending conditions from Vozrozhdenie and receive funds for business development. The Bank provides the following types of loans:
• loans for a long term;
• purposeless loans;
• overdrafts;
• bank guarantees;
• leasing and factoring services;
• lending under the state subsidy program;
• investment.
"Turnover" ( purposeless loan)
Having issued a "Turnover" loan, an entrepreneur will be able to spend the money received for any purposes related to the development of the company:
• purchase equipment;
• expand the range of goods;
• pay rent for commercial real estate;
• pay salaries to employees, etc.
The loan amount may exceed 30 million rubles. Interest rates will depend on the size of the loan. When calculating interest, one should proceed from the following indicators:
• up to 4 million - 20% / year;
• up to 10 million - 18% / year;
• up to 30 million - 15% / year;
• over 30 million - 13% / year.
The bank offers convenient ways to pay off debts. The loan is paid in annuity payments. An individual repayment schedule is also possible.
A surety, pledge or bank guarantees can be used as security.
Long-term lending
programs The program is designed for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Funds received from long-term loans can be used to expand the business. Having issued this product, the borrower receives up to 150 million rubles at a rate of 11.5% / year. The debt can be repaid within 7 years.
This type of lending can be used by companies that meet the following criteria:
• positive reputation;
• work in the domestic market for at least 12 months;
• availability of a current account with Bank Vozrozhdenie;
• good credit history.
Bank Vozrozhdenie provides several more lending services (the companys official website is

Acquiring services

Modern trade relations are based on the non-cash method of payments using plastic cards. It is convenient and completely safe to pay for goods and services with a payment card, which is why consumers prefer this type of payment. Stores that accept payments from bank cards attract more customers attention than those outlets that use traditional methods. Shops, social service organizations, hotel complexes, etc. can
connect the acquiring service from Bank Vozrozhdenie. Thanks to acquiring , the head of the company will be able to:
• attract buyers and increase sales;
• reduce costs and minimize risks associated with the transportation and storage of cash;
• optimize the stocktaking process.
Customers can also use credit cards, which also has a positive effect on increasing turnover.
Payment instruments of the international format VISA , MasterCard , Mir are accepted for payment .  

"Internet-Client Bank"

"Internet Client" is a remote service that was developed specifically for corporate clients. With its help, you can control the status of accounts without leaving the office, transfer digital documents to bank employees, carry out payment transactions and much more. You can work with the service around the clock: the server operates without weekends and breaks.
Internet Banking is not just a convenient tool for working with finances. It is also an opportunity to save money: the cost of services provided through online banking is an order of magnitude lower than in a branch of a financial institution.
Working with the system is straightforward. The simple interface can be understood on an intuitive level: no special skills and abilities are required.
The service meets all modern safety requirements. Payment and personal information of users is encrypted and transmitted over a secure protocol.

Deposits for individuals

Bank Vozrozhdenie offers a wide range of deposits for Russian citizens. Among the wide variety of products, you can easily choose the most profitable option. You can choose deposits in Russian or foreign currency, with income capitalization or monthly interest payments to a special account.


To use the conditions of the "Instant" deposit, the client does not need to go to the bank branch. You can open an account through remote services: banking equipment (terminals or ATMs), an online banking system or a mobile application. You dont need to sign an agreement either (you just need to agree with the terms of work by ticking a special box). The procedure for registration of the "Instant" deposit takes only half a minute. The client must put at least 1,000 rubles on the account. The upper threshold is 50 million rubles. This product is designed for a short term - from 1 to 6 months. The profit will be 6.5% / year 

"Comfortable plus"

This product allows you to get a good return on your money invested - up to 8.34% / year (in rubles). The deposit can be opened both in the currency used in the territory of our country and in foreign currency units. The advantage of this product is the ability to carry out debit transactions. The investor chooses the method of earning income on his own: the profit can be collected by adding it to the total deposit, or withdrawn monthly (interest is charged to a separate account).
To open an account, a client must invest at least 10 thousand rubles (100 conventional units). For people who have presented a pension certificate, the initial payment will be only 3 thousand rubles. The contract is concluded for a period from six months to 3 years.
You can work with a deposit through remote services. This increases the level of comfort: without leaving home, the depositor will be able to apply to open an account, replenish the deposit or withdraw part of the funds.


If the client plans to get the highest possible profit, then it is worth using the "Perspective" product: an interest rate of up to 10% is provided for. This is a ruble deposit. The contract is concluded for 2 years.
The profit is capitalized by monthly increasing the amount of the deposit. The terms of the agreement provide for account replenishment It is allowed to credit money to the deposit account within the first 12 months (the top-up amount must be at least 1 thousand rubles). Replenishment can be carried out using non-cash transfers from salaries, social benefits, etc. The depositor can spend money by paying for utilities, communication services (city and mobile telephony, Internet connections ). Expense transactions are possible after a year from the date of opening an account. The client can terminate the agreement without fear of losing interest. But this opportunity is provided for deposits that have worked for at least 1 year. The depositor will be required to deposit at least 30 thousand rubles. The maximum deposit threshold is 10 million rubles. Most of the deposits are made online. To do this, you need to go to the companys official website (Bank Vozrozhdenie offers favorable conditions for deposits registered through remote services). 

Individual programs for payroll clients

Many enterprises cooperate with Bank Vozrozhdenie in the framework of salary projects. Undoubtedly, for the heads of the company this is a profitable cooperation, since it allows you to save money on cash collection and the work of cashiers. The work of the accounting department is also being optimized: the volume of documents that usually accompany the payment of wages to employees is reduced.
But what about those people who are satisfied with the level of service in Vozrozhdeniye and who would like to receive payment for their labor precisely through this financial institution, but the company that pays the salary has not concluded a cooperation agreement? In this case, it is worth using an individual salary program.
There are only 3 steps to complete.
Action 1. Go to the nearest branch of Bank Vozrozhdenie and apply for a salary card.
Step 2. We take an application form from a bank employee, fill it out and transfer it to the accounting department of the company that pays wages.
Action 3. We receive a plastic card.
Clients who receive a salary at Bank Vozrozhdenie can enjoy a number of advantages.
1. Salary cards are issued free of charge.
2. Carrying out financial procedures using a salary card, the client does not pay commission fees.
3. Holders of salary payment documents automatically become participants in all kinds of promotions, bonus and discount programs that are implemented by employees of this financial institution.
4. Completely free of charge, you can get several additional payment documents for your family members.
5. For salary clients, preferential lending terms are provided.
6. Holders of salary cards connect to remote services free of charge. Clients can manage accounts, monitor the movement of money, make payments and make money transfers without visiting the bank.
7. Cash is withdrawn from any Vozrozhdenie ATM or financial institution that cooperates with the bank. No commission is charged for receiving "real money".

Plastic cards

Vozrozhdenie together with the Mir, VISA, MasterCard payment systems issues plastic cards of international format. The range of payment instruments is simply huge. Here you can apply for a debit or credit card. There are documents for various categories of clients:
• pension;
• salary;
• status.
The "Pension" card is an excellent solution for the elderly. These documents are issued and serviced free of charge. But their main advantage is the ability to receive not very large, but stable profits. The balance of money stored on the card is charged at 4% / year. Income is paid every day. Moreover, by paying with a card for goods and services, the client can return part of the money spent - up to 500 rubles per month.
To take advantage of these advantageous offers, the card account holder must submit an application to the bank administration. This can be done through the website of a financial institution or at any branch.
Taking care of the well-being of the elderly, the bank employees decided to connect Pension cards to online banking for free. Now a person does not need to go through the whole city to pay for utility bills or receive a transfer from loved ones. All this can be done through the virtual bank system.