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Bank Trust

In the nineties of the XX century, quite a lot of commercial banks appeared on the domestic financial market. However, not all companies were destined to withstand the economic crisis that gripped the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a result of a tough struggle between competitors, many enterprises had to cease their activities.

Some banks still managed not only to survive in the difficult conditions of that period, but also to build up a solid client base. One of these organizations is the National Bank "Trust". For more than twenty years of history, the company has earned the trust of our compatriots.

The Bank provides retail financial services to private clients. The organizations fixed capital is about 254 billion rubles. In just 1 year, the bank earns 4 and a half billion rubles (the data is relevant at the end of 2015 - beginning of 2016).

In 2014, when the financial market of the planet (including Russia) was seized by another wave of the global crisis, the bank faced some difficulties in its work. To solve them, the board of directors of the organization turned to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for help. The Russian State Bank provided the Trust with the necessary support. The Otkritie banking group also contributed. Thanks to the investments of this community, the national bank was able to get back on its feet. Today Trust is a member of the Otkritie financial group.

At the moment, the size of the assets of the bank "Trust" is more than 3 trillion rubles: it is one of the largest domestic banks in terms of equity capital. The companys client base is simply huge: it numbers more than 4 million ordinary citizens and approximately 200 thousand organizations and enterprises. The bank also renders its services to business representatives.

Services for businessmen

 The bank has prepared the following types of financial services for business leaders:

  •                    settlement and cash services;
  •                    deposits and savings accounts;
  •                    corporate client cards;
  •                    salary programs;
  •                    merchant acquiring;
  •                    credit products.

Settlement and cash services

Owners of shops and other organizations can open a current account at any branch of the Bank "Trust". The company adheres to a flexible pricing policy. Qualified specialists will assist in opening and maintaining accounts.

Private entrepreneurs, representatives of enterprises, as well as ordinary citizens conducting private practice can use the services of cash settlement services. The bank also serves non-residents of the Russian Federation. These clients can open the following types of accounts:

  •                    ruble and foreign currency settlement accounts;
  •                    specialized accounts for paying agents and suppliers (opened in local currency);
  •                    deposit accounts.

It takes no more than 72 hours to open an invoice.

Within the framework of settlement and cash services, the following types of services are available:

  •                    transfer of funds by cashless method (rubles and foreign currency units);
  •                    accepting payments with subsequent crediting of money to the companys current account;
  •                    getting cash;
  •                    conversion procedures;
  •                    currency control.

The client can use these services without leaving his office: all operations can be carried out from an account registered in the Trusts online bank.

Storage and accumulation

 Free funds can be deposited in the savings accounts of the Trust Bank. The company uses an individual approach to each of its clients, taking into account the rhythm of the "life" of the enterprise. The amount of income will depend on the type of currency, timing and amount of funds invested. Clients of third-party financial institutions can also place funds.

The banks specialists have developed 6 deposit products, each of which has its own characteristics. Lets look at a couple of examples.

  1.                 Savings account "Business Leader" is opened in Russian and foreign currency units. The investment amount is at least 10 thousand rubles or 3 thousand foreign money. The contract is concluded for a period from 1 month to one and a half years. It is not allowed to replenish the account or withdraw money ahead of schedule. The profit will be paid at the end of the term.  
  2.                 Business Universal can also be opened in various types of currencies. The deposit is valid for a period from 1 month to 1 year. In the terms of this product, expense and income transactions are provided. The client determines the method of payment of income independently: you can receive profit every month or withdraw the entire amount at the end.

You can apply for a deposit online. To do this, go to the website of the National Bank "Trust" ( ).

Corporate cards

 Corporate cards are a convenient tool for paying expenses related to entertainment and business activities. With their help, you can pay employees travel expenses. More than 3 million customers use this product.

Using the card you can:

  •                    pay for the services of hotel complexes;
  •                    pay for car rental;
  •                    purchase tickets for various types of transport;
  •                    pay for the services of social enterprises (restaurants, cafes, etc.);
  •                    purchase stationery;
  •                    buy software for computer equipment;
  •                    pay for courier services;
  •                    shop in the online store;
  •                    pay off suppliers;
  •                    replenish the stock of goods;
  •                    pay for services.

Special service: PRIVATE BANKING

 The bank has developed 3 service packages designed for high-status clients.

  1.                 "Bronze". This package of services is available to customers who keep in the bank the amount of 3 to 5 million rubles (or the equivalent in conventional units). The complex includes: 
  •                    issuance of credit cards with preferential loan terms;
  •                    the possibility of making urgent financial transfers;
  •                    issuance of international debit cards MasterCard Gold VISA Gold;
  •                    payment by order;
  •                    VIP service.
  1.                 "Silver". This range of services has been developed for citizens whose accounts store from 5 to 7.5 million rubles. In this case, the possibilities expand. The following is added to the list of "bronze services": 
  •                    favorable conditions for servicing a current account (discounts, promotions);
  •                    additional debit cards for family members (issued free of charge);
  •                    preferential exchange rate;
  •                    transportation of valuables and cash;
  •                    participation in discount projects offered by the banks partners.
  1.                 "Gold". This product can be used by customers who have deposited an amount exceeding 7.5 million rubles in bank accounts. The list of capabilities of this complex is expanded by the following services: 
  •                    departure of a bank specialist to the office or home;
  •                    development of individual financial products;
  •                    non-banking services; work with people close to the client, booking tickets for various types of transport and their delivery to the customer, and much more.

Without visiting the bank

 National Bank "Trust" offers a number of remote services that allow you to effectively manage your finances and control money spending. At the same time, there is no need to visit a bank branch: work is carried out from a stationary or mobile computer.

Online work

Online banking allows you to perform almost all types of financial transactions without reference to a specific time and place. By registering with the service, the client can:

  •                    pay for services and purchase goods in virtual retail outlets (no commission is provided);
  •                    manage the security system using plastic cards (block access to the card account);
  •                    make financial transfers;
  •                    buy or sell currency;
  •                    manage savings accounts and loans.

Clients wishing to connect to the system should contact the employees of the Trust financial institution. Access to finance is open around the clock.

If you download a special application to your smartphone, you can do without a stationary computer: a mobile device and a connection to the Internet are enough to carry out operations. This service provides the same capabilities as a virtual bank. Thanks to Trust Mobile, the client will be able to:

  •                    manage all accounts (current, card, savings, credit);
  •                    receive the latest news about the activities of a financial organization, learn about promotions and special offers;
  •                    carry out operations related to currency conversion (the internal rate is more profitable than the cost of conventional units in the foreign exchange market);
  •                    manage account security (card blocking);
  •                    view payment history;
  •                    find out the working hours of bank branches;
  •                    navigate the location of the nearest bank branches and ATMs.

Control over finances using SMS

The SMS-informing service is convenient in that it allows you to monitor the movement of money without any effort: messages about crediting and spending funds are automatically sent to the account holders mobile phone. What information can you get from notifications?

  •                    Date, time and amount of the debit (or receipt) transaction;
  •                    excess credit card debt;
  •                    the maturity of the loan debt;
  •                    delay in payments on credit debt;
  •                    the end of the period of the plastic card;
  •                    blocking a card account.

With the help of SMS, the client can perform some actions related to account management:

  •                    receive extracts;
  •                    learn about the account balance;
  •                    top up your cell phone account.

To carry out these actions, it is necessary to send a message to a special number, the body of which contains the code of a particular procedure (the number and codes can be found by going to the website of the National Bank "Trust").

This service can be used by all holders of payment cards issued in the bank "Trust", with the exception of the instruments with which clients receive or repay loans. You can connect the SMS service over the phone, through ATMs or at a bank branch.

ATM networks

Using the ATMs of the Trust organization, Russian citizens and guests of our country can:

  •                    deposit funds in favor of providers of various services (mobile and city telephony, Internet providers, etc.); the service is available to all holders of MasterCard, VISA payment instruments, even if the cards are issued by third-party financial institutions;
  •                    pay credit debts;
  •                    deposit funds to your own or third-party card accounts;
  •                    make financial transfers to the accounts of internal clients "Trust";
  •                    activate or deactivate the SMS-informing service.

Deposits for individuals

 Trust Bank offers a wide range of deposits that have been developed specifically for Russian citizens. The companys specialists took into account the needs of all categories of clients. Clients with average incomes, people of retirement age, status clients will find favorable solutions for themselves.

  1.                 "Our people". This deposit can be opened in domestic or foreign currency. The client needs to invest at least 30 thousand rubles (300 conventional units). The deposit provides for a high profit - up to 9.75% (for investments in Russian rubles). The contract is concluded for periods of 3, 6, 12 and 18 months. The profit will be paid after the expiry of the term stipulated in the contract. You cannot replenish the deposit or withdraw money. To open an account, the client should contact the office of the bank "Trust". 
  2.                 The All Inclusive deposit can be either currency or ruble. It opens with a minimum investment of 30 thousand rubles (or 300 foreign money). This product is convenient in that it provides for debit transactions. The client can also terminate the contract at any time. In this case, the rate will be charged at the discounted rate. By placing one and a half million rubles in a savings account, a depositor can earn up to 9% / year.  
  3.                 "Pension income" can provide a decent boost to social benefits. You can invest in rubles (from 5 thousand), dollars or euros (from 100 conventional units). The yield could be 8.85% / year. The client can replenish the account and spend funds. This product is available for people who have already reached retirement age. An account is opened at the banks office. 
  4.                 "VIP - All Inclusive" is a product for clients who have a fairly large amount of free funds and want to place them on the Trust Bank deposit. You can invest in Russian rubles or money from the United States and the European Union. It is necessary to deposit at least 5 million rubles or 50 thousand conventional units into the account. The profit can exceed 9% / year. You can receive income every month or withdraw the entire amount on the day the contract expires.