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Promsvyazbank is a private financial institution. The bank is one of the three largest commercial structures in Russia. The authorized capital of Promsvyazbank is over 1.2 trillion rubles, and given the size of its assets, the company has become one of the 500 most developed banks in the world.
The leadership of the Central Bank of Russia acknowledged that this financial institution has a positive effect on the development of the domestic banking market.
The banks representative offices operate in many regions of the Russian Federation - there are almost 300 branches and offices. The company owns a large ATM network, which consists of 8,500 devices. The bank is also developing a terminal network: at the moment there are about 200 payment terminals.
Promsvyazbank cooperates with corporate clients and individuals. The company provides all types of banking services:
• lending;
• deposits and savings accounts;
• payment for goods and services;
• Money transfers;
• procedures related to currency exchange;
• plastic cards and much more.
The banks specialists have developed a number of projects for special categories of consumers: salary programs, comprehensive servicing of status clients, projects for retirees.
Promsvyazbank holds all kinds of events (including contests) to attract partners.

Save and grow

The financial institution offers a wide range of savings-related products. Each program has its own characteristics:
• ruble, currency or multicurrency accounts;
• deposits with the ability to carry out expense and income transactions;
• with automatic prolongation;
• with various methods of payment of income: capitalization of interest, crediting to a separate account or payment of income at the end of the contract.
Such a variety can satisfy even the most demanding consumers.
1. “Solid interest” is a special offer from Promsvyazbank. Having issued this product, you can get a fairly high profit - up to 9.5% / year. The account is opened in domestic currency units. Income can be received at the end (money will be credited to the deposit account). Receipt and expense transactions are not allowed. The client can invest for 90, 180 or 365 days. The terms of the agreement provide for early termination on favorable terms.
2. The product "Maximum opportunities" offers favorable conditions for investment. The annual rate is 8.5%. The terms of the agreement provide for the ability to replenish the account and spend funds. Profit will be accrued at the end of the term of the deposit (prolongation up to 3 times is possible). You can invest money for 12 and 24 months.
3. "My pension" - this product is designed specifically for people of retirement age. To issue it, you must present your pension certificate to the banks employees. The deposit can be opened in Russian and foreign currencies. The profit will be 8.41% (in rubles), 1.62% (in dollars) and 0.45% (in European currency). The client can choose the method of payment of income himself: the profit can be capitalized or credited to a special account. The terms of the contract stipulate that the deposit can be replenished, but money cannot be withdrawn from the account.
4. "Multicurrency deposit" is an ideal solution for people who work with different types of currencies. The client can invest funds simultaneously in 3 types of monetary units: rubles, euros and dollars (income, respectively: 7.85%, 1.6%, 0.3%).

If you need money ...

The need for money can arise at any time. Where to get them? Bank "Promsvyazbank" offers favorable credit terms. Here you can get a loan for the purchase of consumer goods or take money to buy real estate. It will take only 1 day to process a loan: the loan commission considers applications very quickly and requires a minimum set of documents.
1. For those who work in the public service, special credit conditions are provided. Such clients can receive up to 1 million rubles at 13.9%. You can pay off the debt for 7 years.
2. Employees of partner companies arrange loans at a rate of 15.9%, and the maximum loan amount can reach one and a half million rubles. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 7 years.
3. Salary clients can get a loan on even more favorable terms. An amount of one and a half million rubles is available for them at a reduced rate of 13.9% / year.
You can apply for a loan through remote services. This is not only convenient, but also beneficial, since Promsvyazbank offers reduced rates to customers who have applied for a loan online.
A financial institution offers an unconventional type of lending - a product that can be issued in just a few minutes through an account in mobile or virtual banking. Thanks to the Turbodenga loan , the client will be able to receive the required amount at any moment. To obtain a loan, the client does not need to submit documents and indicate the purposes for which he wants to spend the money received.
To get a loan, you need to take several steps.
1. Open an account in the remote service.
2. Indicate the required amount (within 10 thousand - 25 thousand rubles).
3. Determine the term in which the loan will be repaid (up to 3 months).
4. Indicate the account to which you want to transfer funds.

Mortgage credit lending

Promsvyazbank will help you buy real estate. Here, loans are issued for new housing and for apartments that were already in use. 1. By purchasing real estate in the primary market, a client can receive a loan of up to 30 million rubles. The interest rate will be 12.5% / year. An initial payment is required - 10% of the loan amount. 2. For secondary housing loans are issued up to 30 million rubles at a rate of 12% / year. The first payment must be at least 20%. The purchased property is provided as collateral. 3. The purchase of housing with the support of the state is an opportunity to purchase an apartment on the most favorable terms. Having received a loan for 8 million rubles, the borrower will have to pay only 11% / year. The terms of the agreement provide for an initial payment of 20% of the received loan funds. 

Credit Holidays

In life, unforeseen situations may arise in which there is no way to pay off the loan. The reasons are different: the family is going on vacation, someone close to them fell ill, they were fired from work, etc. In this case, you can contact the bank with a request for a credit vacation. The service provides for the deferral of two monthly payments on credit debt.
You can arrange a loan vacation at a bank branch or through remote services. To do this, you must submit an application to the bank administration. The application is considered within a few hours: the borrower receives a deferral for the next day.
Who can get a grace period?
1. Borrowers with a positive credit history can get a vacation.
2. The service is available if the postponement option is stipulated in the contract.
3. Customers who have repaid their debt without delays within six months, and there are at least 3 payments left until the last payment, can postpone payments.
4. Credit holidays are not provided for restructured debts.
5. The postponement is possible if the borrower has not used credit holidays for 1 year.

Payment Instruments

The financial institution issues its own plastic documents, with which you can pay by bank transfer. Promsvyazbank cards are accepted all over the world, as the financial structure cooperates with international payment systems MasterCard and VISA. The organization offers its clients several types of payment instruments:
• debit;
• credit;
• salary;
• prepaid;
• electronic.
1. S7 Priority is a bonus card that allows you to accumulate bonus points (miles). Points can be spent on purchasing air tickets. The service cost will be 990 rubles / year.
2. The "Salary" card is an ideal option for budget conscious people. The card participates in a bonus program, thanks to which you can accumulate points for buying plane tickets. In addition, the card provides discounts of up to 40% on various types of goods and services (discounts can be obtained in stores that are partners of Promsvyazbank). The cardholder can make money transfers without charging a commission. The card account is intended for the transfer of wages.
3. "Pension" card is designed for people who have finished their labor activity in connection with retirement. The product provides favorable conditions:
• accrual of 5% / year on the amount that remains on the account;
• free service;
• instant registration;
• discount up to 40%;
• free connection to online banking;
• the ability to withdraw cash at any ATM of Promsvyazbank and partners.
4. "Good mood" is an international format plastic card. It is notable for its bright and attractive design. The card can really cheer you up, as it allows you to receive a stable profit - 4% / year on the amount remaining on the account. Moreover, when paying by card in stores, the client receives a discount of up to 40%. Another advantage of this product is a free connection to Promsvyazbanks virtual banking. Using the tool, you can carry out about 400 types of transactions.
5. Platinum is a credit card. It can store up to 100 thousand rubles. Its peculiarity lies in the grace period of lending: having withdrawn credit funds, the client can use them free of charge (without interest) for 55 days. If during this period the loan is not repaid, the bank will calculate interest. The card participates in the bonus program: by paying by bank transfer, a person accumulates bonus miles, and partner stores will provide a good discount. This tool belongs to the "premium" category and provides additional privileges to its holder. Annual maintenance will cost the user very little - only 49 rubles / month.

Remote service

The work of Promsvyazbank is based on modern technologies. The companys specialists develop and implement modern services, thanks to which customer service takes to a qualitatively new level.
What can you do with online services?
• apply for a loan;
• calculate the amount of monthly payments on loans;
• apply for a payment card;
• submit an application for opening a deposit;
• make a financial transfer from one card account to another, etc.
Virtual services will also help entrepreneurs. Using the capabilities of the Promsvyazbank server, businessmen can:
• register a company;
• reserve a current account;
• submit an application for activation of the acquiring service ;
• apply for a loan or a deposit;
• apply for participation in a salary project and much more.

A bank that is always at hand

Promsvyazbank offers its clients to use mobile banking. To do this, you need to install special software on your smartphone. The app syncs with Android and iPhone operating systems .
Mobile banking is equipped with a navigation system, thanks to which the user can easily navigate the location of the nearest bank branch, ATM or self-service terminal, as well as partner stores.
In the personal account, the user can get complete information about banking products, promotions and hot offers, changes in the foreign exchange market, etc.
Wherever the user is at the moment, he can easily pay for a purchase or service using the mobile banking service . The personal account is equipped with the option "Payment templates", which facilitates the procedure for making regular payments. Clients can make money transfers.

" Yumi Translation"

Another product from Promsvyazbank is the Yumi Transfer smartphone application . The service is designed for transfers from one card to another. The transaction may involve both internal cards and documents issued by third-party banks.
To register for the service, you just need to enter a phone number, and to link the card, you just need to take a photo of the payment document.