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Banca Intesa

Historical reference

The financial organization Banca Intesa is a subsidiary of the Italian group of companies Intesa Sanpaolo . It should be noted that this structure plays a leading role in the European banking business. By the end of autumn 2016, the authorized capital exceeded 35 billion euros. These indicators brought the organization to the 5th position in the ranking of the largest banks in Europe.

Intesa Sanpaolo entered the Russian market 4 decades ago. Most of the transactions between Italian and Russian enterprises go through Intesa . The financial organization is directly involved in the implementation of state and transnational projects, providing material support.

A subsidiary of Intesa Sanpaolo was founded in 1992. In 2005, Banca Intesa merged with the Small Business Credit Bank (KMB-BANK).


General information about the "Bank Intesa "

Banca Intesa is a universal financial institution that provides a full range of services to corporate clients and ordinary citizens. At the end of 2015, the value of the companys assets exceeded 69 billion rubles, and its authorized capital was almost 12 billion rubles.

Bank branches operate in 24 Russian regions. The banking network consists of 40 branches and offices. Representative offices of the company can be found in many regional centers of the Russian Federation.

Banca Intesa provides financial support to business representatives (both small and large enterprises). The organization provides all types of lending:

  •                    loans for different periods of time;
  •                    unsecured loans;
  •                    loans for the purchase of commercial vehicles;
  •                    mortgage products aimed at the acquisition of business real estate (office premises, sales areas, warehouses);
  •                    bank guarantees;
  •                    leasing;
  •                    letters of credit.

In addition to credit programs, business owners can place free funds in savings accounts at high interest rates, use settlement and cash services and merchant acquiring , take part in a salary project, carry out transactions through a virtual banking system, etc.

For corporate clients, Banca Intesa offers the following types of services:

  •                    syndicated loans;
  •                    trade and structured finance;
  •                    consulting;
  •                    investments;
  •                    resolving issues related to mergers and acquisitions;
  •                    servicing commercial and investment projects on the international market (including transactions between Russian and Italian companies).

Private clients can also use a wide range of banking services. For them, the banks specialists have developed loan products, savings accounts and deposits, remote systems and much more. For high-status customers, special products are provided, including a comprehensive premium service.


Support for small and medium enterprises

By applying for a loan at Banca Intesa , the owner of the company will be able to expand his business, increase production capacity and turnover. The financial institution offers several credit programs, the terms of which attract Russian businessmen. Lets consider some suggestions.

"Common cause"

The Common Business loan was developed specifically for private entrepreneurs. Its goal is to help small businesses that specialize in the sale of food, beverages, and the manufacture of packaging materials from paper or cardboard.

Loan funds can be directed to :

  •                    refinancing of loans received from third-party financial institutions;
  •                    increasing working capital;
  •                    investment.

The borrower can receive from 150 thousand Russian rubles at a rate of 13.9% / year. The amount of interest is set individually for each borrower: the specifics of the business and the amount of working capital are taken into account. During the entire crediting period, the rate does not change.

The bank is loyal to loan security: in some cases, the client does not need to provide security at all. The loan can be partially secured. As collateral, the borrower can provide commercial vehicles, real estate, products, bank guarantees, equipment.

The loan can be obtained in a lump sum, in several tranches, and revolving credit lines.

"Innovative" loan

The "Innovative" product is based on the terms of the national program to support private entrepreneurs and small firms. By applying for this loan, a businessman will be able to solve such issues as:

  •                    purchase of equipment;
  •                    repair work;
  •                    purchase of land and commercial real estate;
  •                    construction or renovation of premises;
  •                    purchase of intangible assets (licenses, patents, etc.);
  •                    purchase of modern equipment and the latest technological solutions;
  •                    modernization of production in order to improve energy efficiency .

Private entrepreneurs and enterprises with a staff of no more than 250 employees can take part in the program, and the annual revenue varies from 166 million to 1 billion rubles. The loan is issued to firms that have been operating in the domestic market for at least 1 year, and at least six months have passed since the registration of the enterprise.

Having issued a loan, a client can receive up to 60 million rubles for a period of up to 5 years. As collateral, the borrower can provide collateral (real estate, vehicles, equipment, products, bank guarantees) or guarantors - regional Guarantee Funds.

Loan funds are transferred to the current account of the borrower.

The Banca Intesa website is equipped with a special button, by pressing which the owner of the company can apply for a loan without leaving his office.

Credit cards for private entrepreneurs and small business owners

Credit cards for small businesses allow you to get funds to expand the company and establish a continuous production process.

Credit cards provide complete freedom of action: the entrepreneur will be able to purchase goods, equipment, and so on when the need arises. The card is a convenient tool for making non-cash payments: the document is accepted by trade organizations operating in different parts of the world. You can also freely withdraw cash.

The cards were issued jointly with the international payment system VISA.


Placement of funds that do not participate in the turnover

If there is free money in the budget of the company, then it should be placed on deposit accounts of Banca Intesa . This will not only help to save money, but also increase it. The financial institutions specialists have developed several deposit programs, which differ in terms of the terms of the agreement, the method of paying out profits, and interest calculation schemes.

The depositor can place funds in national currency or in conventional units of the European Union and the United States. The amount of interest rates depends on the type of currency, the amount invested and the period for which the deposit is opened.

You can manage deposits through the remote service "Electronic Bank".

  1.                 Savings account with the possibility of early termination of the contract . The depositor can conclude an agreement for a period of 3 to 12 months. However, the deposit can be withdrawn ahead of schedule, while maintaining the interest. When opening a deposit, the client must make at least 300 thousand rubles.
  2.                 Deposit with the ability to choose the method of calculating income. Having completed this program, the depositor can independently choose the method of paying out the profit. You can receive interest every month and immediately use it or accumulate income and withdraw it along with the entire amount stored on the deposit. When opening a deposit, you must make a minimum contribution of 15 thousand rubles. This product can be short-term or work for a long time: the contract is signed for a period of 1 week to 2 years. You cannot terminate the agreement early. 
  3.                 "Minimum balance". For this product, profit is accrued on the balance of funds stored in the account. You need to invest at least 50 thousand rubles. This is the irreducible balance. The deposit provides for expenditure transactions up to the minimum balance. The term of this savings account varies from 1 week to 2 years.

Banca Intesa offers its depositors special conditions:

  •                    when signing a deposit agreement, all the wishes of the client are taken into account;
  •                    before placing funds , the investor can calculate the income and get advice from an experienced specialist online;
  •                    deposits can be opened by both domestic and foreign enterprises;
  •                    transactions are concluded within 1 banking day;
  •                    Banca Intesa is an official member of state deposit insurance.


Virtual Bank Transact

Transact is an electronic banking system that opens up to users all the banking services provided by Banca Intesa .

Transact has such features as:

  •                    high speed of transfer of payment data;
  •                    the ability to obtain complete information on transactions, up to the preparation of financial statements and statements;
  •                    SMS-informing service, which was created specifically for businessmen, company directors and leading specialists;
  •                    the ability to integrate with the service "My Business", which allows you to maintain accounting documents in a virtual mode and exchange electronic documents;
  •                    checking the account balance (taking into account seized funds, suspended financial transactions, transactions under processing, unused overdraft);
  •                    exercise control over credit funds, view the schedule of repayment of debts and the size of the current payment;
  •                    high level of security (to gain access to your account, you need to go through several stages: enter the access key, then the one-time password received in the SMS message);
  •                    special conditions are provided for holdings and enterprises related to each other: they receive a single key to work with the service);
  •                    online banking "Bank Intesa " is equipped with a convenient and intuitive-to-use interface;
  •                    user accounts are equipped with options to analyze transactions: filters, charts, graphs, the ability to upload or download documents in Ex format with el .

More detailed information about the possibilities of " Transact Banca Intesa " will be provided by the official website of the company.


Prestigious offers

The employees of the financial institution have prepared special offers for high-profile clients. They can take advantage of the comprehensive service. The bank offers two packages of VIP services:

  •                    Intesa Private ;
  •                    Intesa Magnifica .

Intesa Private

As part of the Intesa Private package, a client can open a current account, place funds at favorable interest rates, receive a VISA Infinite bank card , take out a loan or rent an individual safe.   

The VISA Infinite payment instrument belongs to the category of status products. The card has an original design, which was developed specifically for the financial network " Intesa Sanpaolo ".

The card opens up ample opportunities for its owner:

  •                    accrual of income on the balance of funds stored in the account (a higher rate is provided);
  •                    an individual credit limit can be set on the card;
  •                    for his family members, the client can issue additional payment documents;
  •                    the card is accepted in all trade establishments of the planet and allows you to withdraw cash at any ATM;
  •                    the card provides special conditions for currency exchange;
  •                    VISA Infinite holders receive an insurance policy required to travel abroad;
  •                    by paying with a payment document in partner stores, the client receives discounts on goods;
  •                    for holders of these cards, access to the "Concierge Service" system is open;
  •                    goods purchased with the card are insured: if the purchase is lost or stolen, its cost will be reimbursed by the insurer; the warranty period is also extended.

Special insurance programs and investment projects have been developed for high-profile clients. You can also use additional services, for example, notary services. The specialist visits the clients home or office. A notary will be needed in those situations when it is necessary to certify a transaction, certify copies of documents or confirm the authenticity of papers, draw up a will, prepare a power of attorney, protest bills of exchange, etc.

Family assets can be managed through the Family Office service.