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Avangard bank

In 1994, a new organization appeared on the domestic financial market - Bank Avangard. The companys activities are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and based on the General License of the Russian Central Bank. The bank uses the latest technologies, thanks to which the company can provide its customers with modern services and unique opportunities. Avangard boasts a large authorized capital and high asset value: the organization is on the list of leaders among enterprises providing banking services to the population and corporate clients. 

Avangard is a developed financial structure, consisting of three hundred branches operating in 75 settlements of our country. The organization serves more than 1 million Russian citizens and more than 100 thousand companies (industrial, financial enterprises, agro-industrial complex, investment funds).
The bank also provides audit services: for about 20 years, employees of a financial company have been auditing CJSC KPMG.
Bank "Avangard" took one of the first positions in the "Peoples rating" (research was carried out on the website Global Banking & Finance Review named the financial institution the best bank serving corporate clients.
The bank is a member of the “Association of Russian Banks”, “Association of Banks of the Regions”, “Moscow Banking Union” and other financial associations.

Remote customer service

The companys employees have developed modern services, thanks to which Russian citizens can make payments and other financial transactions without visiting a bank branch. Only holders of card accounts registered with this financial institution can register on the Avangard Internet-Bank service.
A feature of Avangards online banking is the ability to get access to almost all services from anywhere in the world. This requires a computer device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and a network connection.
Avangard Internet Bank provides its users with unlimited opportunities. "
1. Obtaining payment information about your accounts. Having entered the personal account, the client will spend only a few minutes to:
• learn about the status of his account (current or card);
• get full information on payment cards (credit limit, balance, debt, preferential terms, bonuses, etc.);
• view the conditions for deposits or loans, as well as calculate interest rates;
• find out the status of your application (reviewed or not).
2. Implementation of payment transactions. You can pay online for the services of 350 organizations:
• mobile providers (Megafon, Skylink, MTS, Beeline, etc.);
• Internet and commercial TV providers;
• utilities.
From the personal account, the user can replenish e-wallets of the most popular EPS.
3. Purchase of tickets for various types of transport. Without leaving home, the client can buy a plane or train ticket.
4. Operations on deposits. From his account, the user can manage deposits: replenish, open or close. You can open accounts in domestic or foreign currency, and even combined.
5. Bank transfers. The possibilities of Internet banking allow you to send money to friends, relatives and partners living both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
• Commission for interbank transfers will be 10 rubles (regardless of the amount);
• intrabank transactions are carried out free of charge;
• By sending funds through the Western Union system, Avangard clients receive a 10% discount ;
• users can transfer money to internal bank cards, to cards of third-party financial organizations, as well as to VISA and MasterCard payment documents .
6. Conversion operations. The bank offers favorable conditions for currency exchange.
7. Additional services. Accounts are equipped with options with which users can apply for loans, set limits on amounts, create payment templates, connect and configure SMS service, block or unblock cards, change passwords, generate electronic digital signature keys.


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Bank "Avangard" cards

Avangard issues its own payment instruments. Clients of the company can get a payment or credit card. The range of documents is varied: from electronic to premium cards.
Why do I need a payment card? With its help, you can receive cash at any time of the day (through ATMs), as well as carry out non-cash payments. Document holders automatically become participants in discount programs and promotions. For example, some products provide bonuses for purchasing transport tickets. Having accumulated a certain number of "miles", they can be exchanged for plane or train tickets. Owners of payment instruments can get discounts on goods purchased in partner stores. Favorable conditions for credit cards attract the attention of Russians. • Having used credit funds for the first time, the client does not pay interest within 200 days; • in the following days, a grace period for crediting - 50 days. The card is issued within 5 banking days. The service of SMS-informing and online banking is connected to the account (services are provided free of charge). You wont have to pay for the service of the cards either Premium cards provide their owners with additional options. For example, access to airport VIP lounges or transfers, discounts when booking hotel rooms, and more. Bank employees have developed a discount program, thanks to which you can get a discount of up to 30% if you pay with a card in shopping centers that are in partnership with the bank (information about partners is provided by the Avangard Bank website . 


Implementation of the latest technologies

Among the plastic cards of the bank "Avangard" you can find unique products, in the creation of which the latest developments were introduced. For example, thanks to contactless technology, payments are made much faster: just touch the card to the screen of the reader and the transaction is complete. This technology is used in MasterCard PayPass and VISA PeyWave payment documents . Card- stickers are compact and easy to use. The reverse side of these payment documents is adhesive: you can stick the card to the cell phone case or to the key fob. These tools are also equipped with contactless payment technology. VISA Platinum can be called a revolution in the field of plastic cards . This instrument has a small screen and a touch keyboard. With their help, the client can generate one-time passwords for each transaction. This function will provide additional protection for the funds stored in the card account.

affiliate program

Clients of a financial institution can take part in the "Bring a friend" partnership project. By recommending Avangard cards, you can get up to 10 thousand bonus miles.

Benefits for Avangard cardholders

Holders of card accounts can take advantage of special advantages:
• carrying out financial transactions without charging commissions;
• the ability to withdraw cash at any ATM of Bank Avangard and partners;
• obtaining loans in cash ;
• the ability to transfer funds to card accounts of third-party users;
• carrying out exchange operations.

Terms of deposits

Bank "Avangard" offers its clients safe and favorable conditions for keeping money. The account can be opened in domestic and foreign monetary units or in several currencies at the same time. The contract can be concluded for a period from 10 days to 24 months. The financial institution employees have developed several deposit programs. Each has its own characteristics: the place of registration of the account, methods of generating income, the possibility of prolongation and early closure, etc.
The bank has prepared a surprise for clients who have made a deposit: a free international card, into which the interest income will be transferred.

Deposits that can only be opened in bank branches

1. “Basic” is an account in which the depositor can independently choose the method of earning profit: monthly transfer to a separate account or at the end of the term. The contract is concluded for a period from 1 month to 1 year. The profit can be up to 8.5% / year. If the client chooses to pay out income at the end of the term of the deposit, then the rate increases to 9% / year. Income and expense transactions are not allowed. The deposit is opened when you deposit an amount of 1 thousand rubles.
2. The product "Savings Book" is issued subject to an investment of at least 100 thousand rubles. The term of the agreement is from 3 months to 1 year. The rate reaches 9.5%. Profit can be credited to a separate account on a monthly basis or paid at the end of the term (at the discretion of the depositor). Replenishment and expenditure of funds are not provided.
3. Rentier opens in American or European currency. The contract is concluded for 24 months. When opening an account, the depositor must deposit at least 5 thousand euros / dollars. Profit is paid every month. You cannot deposit or withdraw money. Early closing of the deposit is possible (in this case, the interest rate is reduced).

Deposits that can be opened online

1. "Multi-currency online". You can open an account and manage it only from your personal account in Avangard Internet Bank . The client invests funds simultaneously in three types of currencies. The account must contain at least 10 thousand rubles (300 dollars or euros). Profit is paid every month or at the end of the term. You can top up your account within the first day after signing the contract (the top up amount is not limited). But you cannot withdraw money. The profit will be: in rubles - 8.5%, in dollars - 0.7%, in euros - 0.3%. The depositor can convert currencies within the account without paying a commission.
2. The Basic Internet deposit assumes the highest interest rates - up to 9% / year. The depositor can choose the method of calculating interest himself: monthly or at the end of the term. You can replenish the deposit only once - on the first day after the conclusion of the contract, but expense transactions are not provided. All procedures related to the opening, replenishment and payment of income are carried out online.

Car loans

Bank "Avangard" invites Russian citizens to make the dream of a new vehicle come true. To do this, you need to apply for a car loan.
Types of car loans:
• loans for new cars of domestic or foreign manufacturers;
• loans for new commercial vehicles of foreign or Russian production;
• loans, which do not provide for compulsory insurance of the client and the vehicle;
• loans without a salary certificate.
Borrowers receive a VISA Auto credit card .
The contract is concluded for up to 60 months. You can get a loan in Russian rubles or in foreign currency units. Interest rates will also depend on the currency: ruble loans - 23%, loans in foreign currency - 11%. Regular customers can take advantage of preferential terms. A reduced interest rate is provided for them - 21% / year (in rubles). The client must make an initial payment of at least 30% of the car price.
You can apply for a loan online. To do this, go to the official website of the Bank "Avangard" (section "Car loans") and press the button "Fill in the application". The credit commission will consider the application within 3 banking days.
You can calculate interest and monthly payments using a virtual calculator.
When paying in a car dealership with a VISA Auto card , the borrower does not pay a commission fee. If the purchase is paid for by bank transfer, then the commission will be 2% of the payment amount.

Services for corporate clients

For enterprises and organizations, the bank provides a wide range of financial services:
• settlement and cash services;
• transportation and storage of cash;
• trade acquiring ;
• custody services;
• lending;
• salary projects;
• cards of corporate clients;
• operations on the securities market, etc.