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Alfa Bank

1990 is the year of foundation of Alfa-Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Russia. The Bank provides its clients with all types of services - from traditional payment transactions to modern services. The company works with both private (almost 14 million) and legal entities (255 thousand).
Alfa-Bank confidently occupies one of the first places in the domestic business. The organization provides a wide range of services related to:
• capital management;
• investment projects;
• development of small firms;
• leasing and factoring;
• trade finance;
• retail lending;
• issuing credit cards;
• customer service at a distance and so on.
In the fall of 2015, the company issued European-style bonds worth $ 500 million. Alfa-Bank became the first domestic company to place a large volume of Eurobonds.
In the same period, ruble-denominated securities worth 10 billion rubles were also placed. Their validity period is 3 years. The interest rate for one coupon is 12% / year.
The banking organization actively participates in various competitions. The company has received numerous awards and prizes. For example, the Third Annual Banking Innovation and Achievement Award brought Alfa-Bank three awards. The company twice became the winner in the "Innovative Bank" nomination.
On the international market, the bank is also far from being in the last place: the company occupies 31 positions among the largest organizations in the world. Alfa-Bank is the only domestic system to be included in the list of the 50 best banks in the world.
The institution takes an active part in the social life of the country. The management of the enterprise finances concerts, tours of theater companies, festivals, exhibitions. The company is also implementing its own project - "Alfa-Chance". This is an educational program, during which talented schoolchildren and students receive a scholarship from the bank.
Bank employees do not forget to help people who need support by transferring funds to the accounts of childrens hospitals and boarding schools. Material assistance is also provided to war veterans. The Bank helps to implement the Life Line charitable project, which aims to save children suffering from serious illnesses.

Small Business Offers

We open an enterprise with Alfa-Bank

Having decided to open his own business, a future entrepreneur can contact Alfa-Bank. The organization will not only help with financing the project, but also solve organizational issues. To register a company, you need to spend only 15 minutes. In this case, you do not have to contact the tax office. To register, you need to go to the official website of Alfa Bank (https://alfabank.ru), press the button "Business registration" and fill out the registration form.
The banks employees will help spread information about the newly formed company by placing an advertising banner in Yandex. This service will cost only 9 thousand rubles. The offer is available to customers who have registered a current account with Alfa-Bank. To receive a gift, you need to go to your personal Internet banking account, find the "Gifts" section and click on the "Yandex.Direct" certificate.
Using the Cloud Accounting service, you can forget about the routine work with documentation and save on the maintenance of the accountants rate. You can submit financial reports, make payments to the tax office and issue invoices yourself, without involving a specialist.

Small business lending

For a business to develop successfully, it is necessary to purchase new equipment, expand the range of goods, create comfortable conditions for customers, and so on. All this will require money, which is often not enough for young entrepreneurs. Alfa-Bank will come to the rescue. A financial institution provides loans to small businesses at reasonable interest rates.
1. "Partner" - the borrower can dispose of the funds received at his own discretion. To apply for a loan, no collateral is required. The loan is issued in local currency and can reach 6 million rubles. The contract is concluded for a period of 1 to 3 years. The rate is only 15% / year.
2. "Overdraft" will help out if there are not enough funds on the account. The amount varies from 300 thousand to 10 million rubles. The interest rate will be only 14% / year. For opening an overdraft, you will have to pay a commission fee - 1% of the amount. The contract is concluded for 1 year. There are enough guarantors to provide guarantees (no deposit required). This type of loan can be obtained by private entrepreneurs and legal entities.


"Buy easily"

Today, such type of loans as a loan for purchasing goods is in great demand, therefore Alfa-Bank offers the owners of virtual stores to enter into partnerships.
Lending is carried out according to the following scheme.
Step 1. The buyer goes to the website of the outlet, identifies with the product and selects the "credit" payment method.
Step 2. By clicking the button, the client goes to the Alfa-Bank website, where he is asked to fill out a questionnaire. Using a loan calculator, the buyer independently selects the loan option.
Step 3. After completing the application form, the client within a few minutes receives the banks permission to apply for a loan. An employee of a financial institution notifies the online store of the decision.
Step 4. All necessary papers are delivered to the buyer along with the goods. You can also sign documents at the nearest branch of the bank.

Bank in virtual mode

Modern technologies allow you to make financial transactions without leaving your home. To quickly pay for purchases and services, it is worth using Internet banking from Alfa-Bank.
Alfa-Click is a full-fledged bank that has a wide range of functions and huge capabilities. By registering in the system, the user will be able not only to receive information about the status of his accounts, but also to manage finances. Alfa-Click allows you to:
• open / close current accounts and receive the necessary information on them;
• order cards, and, if necessary, block or unblock them;
• perform operations related to loans (repay loans, calculate interest rates, submit applications, view payment schedules, find out the amount of current debt, etc.);
• open deposit accounts and manage them (carry out expense and income transactions, calculate the amount of income, close an account, etc.);
• make money transfers (intrabank, interbank, international, instant);
• carry out exchange operations;
• pay for the services of utilities, internet providers, cellular operators;
• purchase goods in online stores;
• pay taxes and fines to the traffic police;
• create templates and set up automatic payment mode.
You can also make financial transactions from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to install the Alfa-Mobile application. Mobile banking provides users with the ability to conduct financial transactions without being tied to a desktop computer.

Payment cards from "Alfa-Bank"

The financial institution issues cards of the popular VISA and MasterCard systems, which are a universal payment instrument around the world. The company offers a huge selection of plastic documents. Each Alfa-Bank card is unique. Lets consider several products.
1. Next - this product is designed for the younger generation. The bright and beautiful design attracts the attention of young people. The package of services includes a mobile bank and the ability to communicate with representatives of a financial institution via chat.
2. Alfa-Miles allows you to buy air tickets at low prices. To do this, you need to collect bonus miles and exchange them for travel documents at the airline ticket offices. This product will be the ideal solution for people who travel frequently.
3. Cash Back is a great opportunity to save money. When paying with a card at gas stations, the owner of the document receives 10% of the amount spent on his account. When paying for the services of restaurants and cafes, 5% is returned. The payment instrument is equipped with contactless technology: to pay for the purchase, it is enough to bring the card to the reader.
4. Russian Railways provides discounts on train tickets. Having spent 30 rubles, the client receives 1.5 bonus points. After collecting points, you can buy a train ticket at a reduced cost. The card works by contactless technology. When completing a payment document, the client receives 4 thousand bonuses as a gift.
5. AlfaPay is a unique product from Alfa-Bank, which is a microcard built into a stylish watch. The card works using contactless technology: it is worth touching the screen of the reader for hours, and the payment will be completed. The payment instrument can be linked to one of the current accounts, from which funds will be withdrawn for payment. If the purchase price does not exceed 1 thousand rubles, then the system will not require a PIN code. You can replenish your account through an online bank by money transfer from a payment card or at ATMs equipped with contactless technology for accepting payments. The card can be ordered at any branch of Alfa-Bank or by phone. The watch will cost 6 thousand rubles. 



Savings accounts from Alfa-Bank are a reliable investment for making a profit. The financial institution has developed several products.
1. The "Valuable Time" deposit can be opened in domestic or foreign currency units. You can manage your account from your personal account registered in the Alfa-Click or Alfa-Mobile systems. This product is the embodiment of the saying "Time is money": the longer funds are kept in the account, the higher the interest rate rises (up to 8% / year). The deposit can be replenished or withdrawn from it (the income is saved). The minimum amount is 100 thousand rubles (1 thousand euros / dollars).
2. "Blitz Income" assumes a profit of up to 4.8% / year (with ruble investments). The terms of the agreement stipulate the possibility of withdrawing and replenishing funds without losing income. Interest is paid every month. You can manage your account through remote services.
3. "Savings" is the fastest and most convenient way to collect the required amount to make your dreams come true. The money is not only saved, but also multiplied (the rate is 7% / year). The account is replenished automatically through the services "Piggy bank for wages" and "Piggy bank for change". The client can withdraw money at any time without losing profit.

Dream come true

Alfa-Bank helps its clients make their most cherished dreams come true. Having received a loan, a person can not only buy new furniture or make repairs in an apartment, but also acquire a car or even real estate.
1. Credit cards are the most profitable and demanded method of a loan. The borrower can dispose of the funds stored in the account on his own: you can get cash, or you can pay in shops and institutions by bank transfer. No interest is calculated for 100 days from the date of the first debit transaction. By paying by card, the client receives discounts or bonuses.
2. Payroll clients can get a cash loan. The loan amount can reach 2 million rubles. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 60 months. Pop interest rate - from 13.99% / year. The commission will make a decision on granting a loan within 1 day.
3. Thanks to a car loan, you can purchase a vehicle. The borrower will receive up to 5 million 600 thousand rubles at a rate of 17.99% / year. An initial payment is required - 10% of the loan amount. The decision to issue a loan will be made by the credit commission no later than 2 days later.
4. Mortgage lending helps to acquire any type of real estate: an apartment in a new building, housing in the secondary market, a country house with a garden plot, apartments, a garage. You can also get the funds you need to improve your living conditions. Alfa-Bank also provides such a service as mortgage refinancing, which makes it possible to change interest rates and debt repayment schedule.
When looking to take out a loan, a person can calculate interest using an online calculator and find out the amount of monthly repayments.