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In 1993, a new organization appeared in the domestic financial business - AK BARS Bank. The Central Bank of Russia authorized the companys activities by issuing all the necessary documents.
The services of the financial structure are used by ordinary citizens and corporate clients. The company provides over a hundred services. More than 3 million Russians and 67 thousand enterprises and organizations cooperate with the bank. The organization serves representatives of various sectors of the domestic economy: oil and gas, chemical, construction companies, etc. The
size of the authorized capital of AK BARS Bank is 38 billion rubles. At the beginning of 2016, the companys equity capital is almost 59 billion rubles.
AK BARS Bank is rapidly expanding its geography. Representative offices of the organization operate in 21 regions of the Russian Federation. The financial network consists of 21 branches, 196 offices and 31 cash desks. There is also a mobile cash desk. 8 branches function in Tatarstan.
The structure is a member of banking alliances: "National Association of Stock Market Participants", "Association of Russian Banks", "Bills Market Association", "Moscow Exchange" and others.

For business

AK BARS Bank cooperates with representatives of all segments of the domestic business. Loyal conditions for issuing loans are an excellent solution for the development of companies, modern banking services will help expand the client base of enterprises, automated payment processes will save companies funds.

Settlement and cash services

Settlement and cash services are one of the most demanded banking products. It is used by both private entrepreneurs and large companies. In AK BARS Bank, cash settlement services can be used by companies that are registered not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Accounts are opened in Russian currency.

Salary programs

In recent years, business leaders are moving away from a system of salary payment in cash by opting for non-cash payments. AK BARS Bank cooperates on salary programs with companies representing various sectors of the economy. Salary is transferred to VISA, MasterCard . These are the most popular payment systems accepted all over the planet.
The salary transfer program is beneficial for both the management and the staff. Thanks to the project, the manager will be able to:
• save money on keeping money and collecting it;
• unload the accounting department;
• to provide wages at the exact time;
• install an ATM on the territory of the company.
The benefits for the staff are as follows:
• to receive the earned money, there is no need to stand in lines;
• cash can be withdrawn at any ATM in the world;
• dispose of funds at your own discretion (withdraw the amount in full or in parts);
• pay for purchases and services by non-cash payment method;
• use additional banking services (SMS-informing, online banking, etc.);
• to issue loans on favorable terms.
To become a participant in a salary project, the head of the enterprise must perform several actions.
Action 1. Signing an agreement on the transfer of employees salaries to bank cards.
Action 2. Submitting to the bank a list of employees who will receive salaries on the cards of a financial organization. The list is provided in two versions: electronic and paper. The list written on paper must be certified with a wet seal and signed by the director.
Action 3. Payment of payment for registration of payment cards.
Step 4. Receiving cards. Cards are issued within 10 banking days. Each employee personally picks up his payment document. If you issue a power of attorney, then a representative of the company will be able to receive cards of all employees.
After all the actions have been completed, salaries can be issued to employees without unnecessary red tape.



Trade enterprises can use the acquiring from AK BARS Bank. This service involves accepting payments by non-cash method. A financial organization installs terminals in stores that allow accepting payments using plastic cards.
Virtual stores can also receive payments from bank cards. For this, AK BARS Bank provides online acquiring . Payments are made using a special web- interface.

Cards for corporate clients

Corporate cards are convenient when you need to pay for the purchase of equipment, pay entertainment expenses or issue travel funds to employees. All these operations can be carried out by bank transfer. If you need cash, the corporate card allows you to get "real money" at ATMs or cash desks.
The difference between corporate payment documents and ordinary cards is the ability to control the expense of funds stored in the account.
Cards are opened in local currency. However, financial transactions can be carried out both in the Russian Federation and in other countries.

Internet / Client Bank

AK BARS Bank provides online services for corporate clients. One of them is Internet / Client Bank. By registering a personal account, the head of the company will be able not only to monitor the movement of money, but also to manage accounts, receive statements, as well as provide all the necessary documents to the bank online.
Loans for business
In "AK BARS" Bank you can get the funds necessary to purchase industrial equipment, expand the range of goods, purchase commercial real estate, and so on. Thanks to loans, small and medium-sized businesses get the opportunity to develop.
The borrower can receive an amount of up to 150 million rubles. In many cases, the interest rate is calculated individually for each client. The contract can be concluded for up to 10 years.
The loan for the purchase of KAMAZ trucks deserves special attention. This product allows you to purchase a vehicle with a 4% discount. The interest rate will be only 12.25% / year. The loan must be repaid within 5 years. It is possible to pay the debt ahead of schedule (fines and commission fees will not be charged).

Transactions related to payments

AK BARS Bank accepts payments in favor of stores (land-based and virtual), state-owned enterprises and commercial organizations (more than 1,000 in total). The fee is paid in various ways: at a branch of a financial institution, through ATMs and self-service terminals of AK BARS Bank, or online.
The following types of payments are accepted:
• payments in favor of utility companies;
• repayment of credit debt;
• payment for services of cellular and city telephony, cable TV;
• transfer of money to the state budget, to commercial funds;
• payment of fees for education and medical services, etc.

How to send money to relatives or partners?

AK BARS Bank provides an opportunity to make financial transfers without the need to open a current account. Customers can send funds to relatives or partners using cards received from this financial institution or from third-party banks. Intrabank, interbank and interstate transfers are possible. Operations are carried out at the banks cash desks, through remote services, as well as using terminals and ATMs.
The company cooperates with "Zolotoy Korona", "Western Union ", " Unistream ", "Contact". These are systems through which money can be sent in different types of currencies.

"AK BARS" Bank: deposits with favorable interest

AK BARS Bank provides its clients with the opportunity to receive income from interest. The companys employees have developed several products that can meet the needs of people from all walks of life.
1. "One team". The client can invest in domestic or foreign currency. The account is opened for a period of 6 to 12 months. The interest rate reaches 9.3% / year (in rubles). Profit is credited monthly to a special account. The client must invest at least 30 thousand rubles (500 dollars / euro). Account replenishment is possible.
2. "Person". This product implies a high income - up to 9.20% / year. The minimum amount is 1 million rubles or 15 thousand euros / dollars. The contract is concluded for a period of 6 to 62 months. The depositor independently chooses the method of making a profit: income can be paid every month or capitalized, adding to the total amount of the deposit. Receipt and expense transactions are allowed.
3. "Good Traditions". To open an account, a client must invest at least 5 thousand rubles (200 conventional units). The term of the contract is from 1 to 12 months. The interest rate will be 9.2% per annum . The income will be paid at the end of the term. Receipt and expense transactions are not provided.
4. "Pension". The product is available to people who can show a pensioners ID. This contribution is an excellent opportunity to receive additional income to social benefits. With a minimum investment (from 5 thousand rubles), the client can get the maximum profit (up to 9.1% / year). If necessary, the depositor can withdraw a certain amount from the account. Interest is transferred every month.
5. "Do good." Having made this contribution, you can become a participant in a charity event, the funds from which are directed to the treatment of children with serious illnesses. The deposit is taken off with a minimum amount of 10 thousand rubles. The interest rate will be 9%. The client can withdraw profit from the deposit every month (15% of the withdrawn funds will be transferred to the charitable foundation). The account can be replenished. Expense transactions are also allowed. The deposit can be rolled over automatically.
6. "Multicurrency". This product is suitable for people who need funds in several types of currencies. Domestic, American or European money can be credited to the account. The client has the right to carry out exchange transactions within the account, saving on commission fees. The deposit is opened with a minimum investment of 10 thousand rubles (200 dollars or euros). Account replenishment is possible. The profit is 7% and is paid at the end of the contract.

Private lending

A financial institution provides all types of loan products. In the company "AK BARS" Bank, you can get a loan for the purchase of a vehicle, purchase of real estate, consumer loan or credit card.
Loans to consumers
about the form of loans to the "AK BARS" Bank client will be able to buy household appliances, furniture, pay for health care or education, and so on. Funds can be transferred to a special account or paid in cash. Loan amount - from 10 thousand rubles. As for the maximum threshold, it will be calculated depending on the borrowers solvency. The loan agreement is concluded for up to 5 years. Interest rate - from 14% / year.
Credits for the development of the private sector
about the form of the product, a person can get a loan for the development of its business related to agriculture. The term of the loan agreement depends on the purpose of the loan. For example, if you plan to purchase fuel, animal feed, etc., then the loan must be repaid within 24 months. By spending funds on the purchase of equipment for cattle farms, the purchase of cattle, etc., the borrower can pay off the debt within 60 months.
The bank issues an amount of up to 70 thousand rubles at a rate of 21.9% / year.
Acquisition of real estate
Mortgage programs allow Russian citizens to acquire real estate in the secondary market, apartments in new buildings, country houses with land plots.
AK BARS Bank offers a huge selection of mortgage loans. The most popular product is the government subsidized loan. Having issued a loan, the borrower will have to pay only 12%. The largest loan amount will be 8 million rubles.
Newly formed families can also apply for a mortgage on preferential terms. For them, the interest rate will be only 14.5% / year. The borrower can receive an amount of 100 thousand rubles (the maximum threshold depends on the borrowers solvency).