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Advanced Cash (ADV cash)

More than 2 decades ago, a new financial organization appeared on the electronic payments market - Advanced Cash. This service differs from ordinary banks in that ADV Cash serves its customers remotely. It is a universal payment system, users of which can carry out all types of transactions related to payments, money transfers and other banking services.
Advanced Cash is convenience, reliability and value. By registering an electronic wallet in a payment system, the user can access it from anywhere in the world. What is needed for this? Just a computer (desktop, laptop, portable device or smart phone) and an Internet connection. If you are going to travel around the world and have an account in this EPS, you do not have to worry about cash. Money can be withdrawn from ATMs or paid by bank transfer.
Service customers can withdraw funds to a card issued by ADV cash, or to MasterCard, VISA payment documents (they are accepted for payment in almost all countries). Using banking instruments, you can withdraw cash or pay for goods and services by non-cash payments.
Financial analysts talk about EPS as a unique online platform that managed to combine electronic money and the comfort of online transactions into a single whole. The most popular among site visitors is the currency exchange service. Using it, users can perform conversion operations by exchanging fiat currencies for cryptocurrency and vice versa.
Tariffs in Advanced Cash (as evidenced by the reviews of site visitors) are available to all categories of users. Withdrawing funds or replenishing the wallet, the client will pay an order of magnitude less than when carrying out similar operations in other EPS. You dont have to pay anything for opening an electronic wallet. Intra-system transactions are also carried out free of charge. Low commissions and comfortable working conditions attract users, so the client base of the service is growing rapidly.
Already today it is safe to say that the systems performance is at a high level. But the creators of the payment system do not stop there and continue to work on expanding the capabilities of the EPS. By introducing the latest technologies, Advanced Cash employees can offer their customers modern services and a wide range of services. The launch of new projects is expected to create more comfortable conditions for working with payments. One of these services is a mobile application equipped with a wide range of functions.

Electronic currency on the Advanced Cash service

The system has its own virtual coins. It is this money that is used when carrying out intrasystem operations. Advanced Cash currency has high liquidity and is easy and comfortable to use.
Exchangers offer several ways to convert currencies. Users can choose the most profitable and convenient options. You can exchange electronic coins for real currency and withdraw money to a bank account or miss the moment of exchange by withdrawing funds in cryptocurrency. ADV Cash money can be exchanged for electronic currencies that are used in other electronic systems operating in the vastness of the Global Network.
When intending to complete the conversion procedure, the user must submit an application to the site administration. The application form can be found on the official payment portal (
The service is in partnership with large banks, which have established a remote customer service system. For example, through the Internet banking of Sberbank, you can top up your e-account in Advanced Cash. 

Working with e-wallets

Electronic wallets of the Advanced Cash system are equipped with a simple interface. Even those users who do not have much experience of "communication" with EPS will be able to understand the tools and mechanisms of work. The personal account is equipped with many useful options. For example, by viewing the history of a transaction, the client will be able to control spending, track the movement of money and plan their expenses. An equally popular function is setting up the security system, using which the wallet holder can independently choose the protection parameters.
Transactions are carried out at a high speed. It doesnt matter what type of operation you carry out: make intra-system payments or withdraw funds to a bank account - the money is credited to the accounts within a few minutes.
The convenience of Advanced Cash e-wallets is also in the multi-currency: one wallet can store several types of currencies.


How do I withdraw funds from Advanced Cash?

You can withdraw funds from the electronic system in several ways:
• to an Advanced Cash card;
• to a bank account;
• to cards issued in ordinary banks;
• to electronic accounts registered with third-party payment services.
Advanced Cash payment cards are ideal for people who earn money on currency conversions and cooperate with virtual exchange offices. Payment instruments will also come in handy for those who are going to travel abroad.

Comparative analysis

Being outside of Russia, the user will be able to quickly and easily transfer money to a payment card, with which it will be possible to pay by non-cash method or withdraw “real money” from an ATM. The Advanced Cash withdrawal procedure has a very simple scheme, in contrast to a similar operation in other EPS. To make sure of this, it is worth conducting a comparative analysis.
When withdrawing money from other payment services, the user will have to go through 4 stages:
1. Exchange stage. Electronic coins stored in an electronic account must be exchanged for the currency that is used in real life, that is, for domestic rubles.
2. Stage of withdrawal. Received rubles are withdrawn to a bank account.
3. Cash stage. Now you need to withdraw cash from an ATM or at the banks cash desk.
4. Stage of exchange. Real rubles are exchanged for foreign currency at land-based exchange offices.
To this list, you can also add filling out a declaration for the export of currency outside the Russian Federation.
Each stage is accompanied by the payment of commissions and additional fees. In addition, a person “loses” on exchange transactions.
But with the Advanced Cash card, the procedure for withdrawing funds in foreign currency is much easier and cheaper. The user only needs to take 2 steps.
1. Send the finances stored on the e-account to the Advanced Cash payment document (the card is opened in foreign currency).
2. Receive "real money" at any ATM on the planet.

How do I sign up for an Advanced Cash account?

To access the payment service, you need to register your personal account on the Advanced Cash server. To do this, go to the payment site and click the "Create an account" button. Next, you need to fill out the registration form.
Mandatory fields are such as:
• login data that opens access to your account (password and login);
• e-mail address;
• surname, name, patronymic (real);
• address of residence (real, since the payment card will be sent to this address).
After the user fills out the registration form and confirms authorization, the Customer Support Center will take over. The responsibilities of this service include verification (validation) of the data provided by the user. Service employees ask their clients to download scans of a civil passport, a receipt from housing and communal services (indicating the address of residence). The user will need to apply for account identification. It will take no more than 3-4 hours to check the documents.

Main characteristics of Advanced Cash payment instruments

The service issues its own plastic cards, which open up wide opportunities for users of the World Wide Web in the field of electronic payments. Having a card in hand, an e-account holder can withdraw cash, purchase goods in online stores, pay for goods and services using a non-cash method without unnecessary red tape. And the cost of payment transactions pleasantly surprises customers.
Bank cards of the Advanced Cash system have a number of advantages:
• affordable price of the payment instrument: the card will cost no more than $ 7 (in other EPS the price of plastic cards is several times higher);
• card service is free;
• cash can be withdrawn both in domestic and foreign currencies;
• no matter what amount you are going to withdraw, the withdrawal commission will be no more than $ 2 (fixed commission is the main difference between this service and other payment systems);
• when paying for services or purchases through self-service terminals, the client does not pay a commission;
• in the Advanced Cash system, as in other EPS or ordinary banks, there are restrictions on cash withdrawals, but in one session the user can get a decent amount: up to 3 thousand dollars can be withdrawn from ATMs, and up to 10 thousand dollars in payment terminals;
• payment instruments are valid for 3 years from the date of card issuance.
The Advanced Cash card is especially beneficial in cases when you have to pay for purchases and services of online organizations. In this case, zero commission is provided.
ADV Cash payment has entered into a cooperation agreement with such giants of the electronic payments market as WebMoney, Yandex.Money and many others.

How do I become the owner of a payment document from Advanced Cash?

Any user can receive a card issued by this electronic system. To do this, you need to go to your personal account, select the "Create a card" option and select one of the options: a plastic payment document or a virtual card.
Registration of an online card will cost only $ 1, the cost of the plastic version will be $ 7.
Having selected a product, we click the button "Order a card". Now you need to decide on the delivery method. It is better to choose the state mail of Russia, since the services of this service are much cheaper than those of other carriers.
After the payment document finds its owner, the card must be activated. Log into the online account and enter the tool number in the special field. After that, you need to dial one of the phones presented on the payment site and get a personal identification code that opens access to the payment document.
Advanced Cash issues its cards to both Russian citizens and representatives of other states: Belarus, Armenia, etc.

Service cost

The Advanced Cash system cannot boast of a large selection of tariff plans. There are only 2 packages of services offered: "Personal" and "Business". But each of them is beneficial and comfortable in its own way. Both are noteworthy.
Packages have one thing in common - free design. You can also save on internal transactions - they are not charged for them either.
As for the differences, they are as follows. Accounts connected to the "Business" tariff are replenished free of charge through the SWIFT money transfer system. This package allows you to accept payments from third-party EPS clients. Users can set automatic mode for recurring payments or transfer funds to multiple wallets at the same time.
It should be noted that Advanced Cash rates are very attractive. For example, a fixed commission for operations related to account replenishment ($ 1) and cash withdrawals ($ 2).
The cost of instant interstate transfers will also be a pleasant surprise. Such transactions will cost only 1% + $ 7. And for people who have purchased the Business package, the service price will be even lower - 0.5% + 7 dollars.
For transactions involving e-currencies, the amount of the commission fee will depend on the type of virtual money. The cost can be 0.5-5%.
Money transfers from e-wallets in Advanced Cash to accounts registered in the Yandex.Money payment service are free of charge.

A few words about safety

The work of this service is based on modern IT-technologies, thanks to which employees were able to ensure complete security of user accounts.
Customers can independently configure protection settings, blocking the way for fraudsters. By connecting to the SMS-informing service, you can provide additional security.