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Bonus program

Our service has implemented a bonus program. Bankcomat is constantly evolving and we value users.


Functionality "Issue and payment of invoices": Managing accounts is not a simple and time-consuming process. First, an account must be formed,...


Attention!!! We have added discount coupons. What is a coupon and what does it give? A coupon is a unique code that entitles...

What functions does CVC2 code perform?

Bank cards are in the wallets of millions of people. Thanks to the versatility, convenience and security of the payment instrument, the process of conducting transactions is simplified, transfers are accelerated, and the level of charged fees is reduced. But with the advent of the Internet, plastic cards have become vulnerable, and the number of fraudulent activities related to online purchases has increased. Bank employees were forced to develop new protection to exclude illegal transactions and theft of funds. Such a precautionary measure was the emergence of the CVC2 code for MasterCard or CVVC2 for VISA.

Exchange Perfect for Kiwi

More and more of our contemporaries are deviating from the generally accepted standards in the financial sector, which involve the use of banking institutions for making money transfers. After all, it is much faster, more convenient and cheaper to perform an operation using electronic payment systems. It is not surprising that the popularity of such services, as well as their number, is increasing every day. Several dozen EPS are operating on the market today. Most of the resources cooperate with each other, which enables clients to convert the title units of one system into the currency of another. If desired, the user can easily exchange Perfect for Kiwi. This direction is very popular, since Qiwi is optimized to work with the Russian market. Whereas freelancers very often receive remuneration for the Perfect Money virtual wallet.

Exchange Perfect to Payeer

Payment services Payeer and Perfect Money have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Thanks to its extensive functionality, everyone can quickly make a money transfer to another, even the most distant end of the world. But sometimes it is required to translate the title units of one system into another EPS. Therefore, the question of how to exchange Perfect for Payer does not lose its relevance.

Popular ways to replenish your Bitcoin wallet

Try to imagine yourself as a person who lived at the beginning of the last century. A kind of good-natured simpleton, smelling of a cigarette and looking around in bewilderment at the sight of an ATM, which, for him, will only be comparable to an alien mechanism. And what if, on top of that, this machine does not issue money and works with virtual coins. Yes, dear reader, you heard right! If we have given free rein to fantasy, then we will expand our thoughts wider.

Varieties of cryptocurrency wallets

Since ancient times, wallets have been used by people to store and transport monetary units. They have always been different and in the typical sense (in the form of bills and coins), appeared somewhat later. Various objects were first used as these, and natural exchange was more practiced. At one time, the emergence of the institution of minting coins was a very progressive phenomenon, and after that, paper notes became widespread, the hegemony of which continued until modern times.