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Exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney profitably

Bitcoin is rightly considered a unique form of currency, which marked the beginning of the emergence and development of new financial standards. Despite the novelty of this phenomenon, electronic means of payment should not be considered something new. They appeared much earlier than digital counterparts, but unlike the latter and despite the virtual essence and lack of physical embodiment, they are not issued by the administration of payment systems in a decentralized way.

One of the popular conversion directions among residents of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and post-Soviet states is the exchange of Bitcoin and other digital currency units for title units of the popular domestic EPS WebMoney. This electronic payment system is the pioneer of the domestic direction of remote conversion transactions and retains its leading position to this day not only in the domestic market, but also in the countries mentioned above.

WebMoney has always been a pioneer and has once again confirmed this by being the first Russian counterpart to choose the path to the recognition of the first cryptocurrency. Back in May 2013, a special wallet and WMX title units appeared in EPS, which are the equivalent of Bitcoin and designed to operate the first digital currency.

Exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney through EPS functionality

Despite the presence of a great variety of electronic payment systems in the global profile market, among the population of the Russian Federation and neighboring states, WebMoney remains the unchanged leader, and the WebMoney-Bitcoin currency pair is becoming more and more popular. However, there are some nuances inherent in the conversion process carried out through the functionality of this electronic payment system, which cause confusion among users who do not have special knowledge. Lets talk about them in more detail.

The title unit WMX has its own characteristics. In particular, it is not equal to the whole Bitcoin, but 0.001 of the virtual coin.

Manipulations using the WebMoney Bitcoin wallet, carried out without leaving the EPS interface, can be carried out in two ways:

By transferring to the guarantor, which is the organization INDX Transactions Ltd, a certain number of crypto coins of the first digital currency Bitcoin.
It is possible to acquire a variety of assets by converting Bitcoin into various WebMoney EPS title units, including WMX, using the built-in exchange
Of course, you can use these options for replenishing or withdrawing WebMoney, but a number of disadvantages should be noted:

For novice Bitcoiners, the peculiarity of dividing WMX into thousandths of Bitcoin creates certain difficulties with orientation in numbers with many zeros after the decimal point, in the process of exchanging the first cryptocurrency.
The EPS system and the trading platform built into it may offer not very profitable conversion offers that are losing to market quotes.
You will have to wait for the receipt of six confirmations from the first cryptocurrency system for the transfer to take place, and at this time the rate may change downward.
Therefore, users are looking for other, more profitable options for exchanging Bitcoin for various WebMoney title units, which will be discussed in the article. Fortunately, the Internet allows you to choose the best available options. But it is better to learn not from mistakes, but by obeying practical advice.

Variety and feasibility of using methods of exchanging Bitcoin for WebMoney

Of the existing opportunities, 3 areas can be distinguished:

Conversion through private money changers.
Exchanges through cryptocurrency exchanges.
Conversion transactions through the use of online exchangers.
The advantages and disadvantages of all methods will be discussed in the final part of the story. The author will try to give valuable advice to interested readers by recommending a profitable service that is equally suitable for both one-time manipulations and long-term cooperation.

Private money changers and currency conversion

In search of the most profitable directions for withdrawing Bitcoins to WebMoney, many find incredibly favorable conditions for converting funds on thematic web resources, and not only in the required direction. As a rule, this type of service is offered by private money changers. Direct exchange implies the absence of levies, which further stimulates the desire to carry out the conversion with maximum savings. But this method should not be considered acceptable for a number of reasons.

I think that not many readers in real life will entrust their money to the first person they come across from the street. By and large, these should be considered people offering the implementation of conversion deals on parole. After all, there is no guarantee that an ordinary fraudster is not lurking behind the screaming statements, ready to pocket the crypto savings of gullible people.

You should not take these arguments as assurances that there is no way to find reliable partners to solve the set goal, how to transfer Bitcoin to WebMoney. But given the specifics, it should be noted that even long-term partnerships cannot act as a panacea that can provide protection against fraud.

Exchanges and exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney

The option of using the services of specialized trading platforms for the purchase and sale of various financial assets looks more acceptable. Despite the variety of offers on the specialized market, they offer services at approximately the same cost. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing a partner should be considered the safety and speed of the exchange of Bitcoin for WebMoney, or rather, for different title units of this electronic payment system.

The use of the functionality of trading platforms, in contrast to cooperation with private money changers, implies the presence of a commission of the following types:

A provider offering services for the transfer of virtual coins of the first cryptocurrency to the account of a trading platform charges a certain and considerable percentage.
The exchanges themselves, the replenishment and withdrawal of money from which is free, take from 0.2-0.5% of the amount of each transaction.
Trading web resources have certain pros and cons. Of the standards that they must comply with, one can single out:

Variety of currency pairs.
The efficiency of protective mechanisms.
Solidity and impeccable business reputation.
Low commission threshold.
No bribe in case of replenishment of the deposit or when withdrawing funds and much more.
An exchange offering services for withdrawing Bitcoins to WebMoney, being a commercial resource and aimed at making a profit. However, this raises the question of the advisability of using such trading platforms. The following problematic aspects should be highlighted:

Despite the solidity of the majority of the players in the profile market, the risks associated with the bankruptcy of the latter are not excluded. An excellent example is the termination of the activities of the flagship of the Russian-language direction BTC-e, which was declared bankrupt in the summer of 2017. There are many similar examples.
It is more expedient to use the functionality of exchanges for currency traders who make money on the difference in exchange rates of different assets.
Some complications caused by the need to draw up orders in compliance with certain standards.
The exchange of Bitcoin to WebMoney, carried out through trading web resources, cannot be called fast. Even if you set a price close to the market price, the conversion can be delayed indefinitely. After all, you need to wait for the appearance of a counter offer from other users.
Cooperation with trading resources implies the mandatory passage of the registration process, and crypto assets are valuable because they allow you to manipulate your assets in incognito mode.

Online exchangers for converting Bitcoins into different currencies

One of the most justified options is the implementation of conversion manipulations through the functionality of online exchangers. Against the background of the available variety, it is very difficult to decide on a worthy option. Having chosen a resource that is acceptable for yourself and has a well-deserved business reputation (as an option,, you can carry out operations to withdraw Bitcoins to WebMoney comfortably, quickly, as profitably as possible and with a guarantee of receiving funds.

The exchange office recommended by the author has the following advantages:

Simple and straightforward interface style that provides quick access to basic and additional options.
The ease of the algorithm of actions taken to carry out conversion transactions, the sequence of which is mandatory.
Availability of the built-in calculator option, which helps to make sure in advance of the profitability of the conversion manipulation carried out in a particular direction.
Variety of informational and technical sections.
Competence in drawing up a public offer regulating issues of legal relations between the administration and the clientele.
The presence of solid reserves, thanks to which you can exchange Bitcoin for WebMoney without significant time delays.
The efficiency of the support service and the professionalism of the staff, capable of solving problems of any complexity that have arisen before the users.
It is especially important to have a mechanism that fixes the rate of the first cryptocurrency at the time of creating a request. Indeed, given the high volatility rates, in the exchange process, quotes may change downward. has a variety of options:

The affiliate program allows you to increase income according to the activity of attracted users. Referrals of the first level bring 0.6, and the second - 0.2% of income for referrals from the amount of transfers made.
The cumulative system of discounts allows you to save from 0.05 to 0.2% of the amount of transfers, taking into account their total volume.
If those few minutes (maximum 20) that are needed to exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney seem long, you can read interesting news or technical materials in special sections of the site.
There is an opportunity to write your opinion about the quality of work.
Only after completing the registration process and verifying the account, you can use all the bonuses. Incognito exchanges are carried out at the standard rates of the exchanger.
When using the services of, you should remember about the presence of a commission fee, the meager value of which cannot be compared with the quality of the services offered.