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How to top up Payeer via Qiwi

The online commerce market continues to grow very rapidly. This should not be surprising, because the convenience of payments made remotely was appreciated by our contemporaries. Every day, thousands of people around the world make a choice in favor of electronic payment systems, while abandoning traditional banking services. Particularly popular is the Payer system, whose management is constantly working to expand its functionality and increase the quality of the services offered. The company is steadily increasing its turnover, gradually increasing its share in the international market. It is not surprising that users living in the post-Soviet space are actively interested in how to top up Payeer through Qiwi?

How to get money on Payer through Qiwi?

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that Payer is a licensed international organization, work with which provides for the provision of personal data by the client necessary for the identification procedure. This is a mandatory requirement for users who intend to establish long-term cooperation with the service.

There are two ways to top up Payers wallet through the Qiwi payment resource:

Using the direct translation option, which is available directly on the service website.
There is an option of attracting an exchange service as an intermediary, specializing in the provision of such services.
How to top up Payeer wallet via Qiwi wallet using direct transfer? This opportunity appeared relatively recently, when the Qiwi service announced its entry into the international market. It should be noted that in order to make a direct transfer, the client must be registered in both systems. Also, an account in the Qiwi system with a balance of at least five hundred rubles must be opened in his name. The algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

You need to log into your Payer account.
Open the account replenishment tab.
Click on the "Qiwi Wallet" option.
Select the Russian ruble as the currency intended for making the payment, since the Qiwi only supports the Russian currency.
If the client does not remember the mobile phone number by heart, it is recommended to write it down before proceeding to top up Payeer via Qiwi. Indeed, to complete the application, you will need to indicate the details of the phone tied to the Qiwi wallet in a special field.
After filling in all the sections, it is recommended to check the correctness of the information entered and only then confirm the transaction.
After receiving confirmation, the system will automatically redirect the client to the Qiwi service page to make a payment.
The user needs to log in to the system by entering a password and login. After gaining access to the account, the user confirms the password.
Before you start replenishing your Payeer wallet through the Qiwi wallet, you need to make sure that you have the last amount on your balance that is intended for the operation, taking into account the amount of the commission.

Using the exchange service to replenish Payers wallet

First, the user needs to decide on the choice of the exchange service. A considerable number of various resources are functioning on the market today. But not all of them build their work on the principle of reliability and conscientiousness. Therefore, the user needs to be very careful not to face scammers. As an example of a reliable partner, we can recommend the Bankcomat.com exchanger. Currently, this resource is considered one of the best services in the open spaces of the Runet. So, how to top up Payeer via Qiwi using this exchanger?

The algorithm is very simple:

You need to enter the exchange service and activate the option designed to start the operation.
The system will redirect the client to the next page designed to select the exchange direction. In the left column, click on QIWI-RUB, and in the right column, designate the Payeer system and select the currency USD or RUB.
The next field indicates the amount of the transfer, which cannot be less than five hundred rubles, as well as the clients email address and the details of his wallet registered in the Payer system.
If all the data is entered correctly, you can confirm the conversion operation.
The exchange service commission compares favorably with the costs charged for direct transfers. A similar approach is practiced in the question of how to replenish a Qiwi wallet through Payeer wallet. If you use a direct transfer to withdraw money from a foreign resource, then it will cost at least twice as much as through an exchange service. Therefore, at present it is better to use exchangers that cooperate with a specific payment system.