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Why is X-Plat payment system interesting?

The X-Plat payment system, originally created in Russia, has now become famous in many countries of the world. It even works on the African continent. And, nevertheless, domestic Internet users are not yet very familiar with the capabilities and advantages of the service. Consider what is the reason for the continuously growing popularity of the system, and what products does it provide to its customers?

The service, created in 2005, in a fairly short time was able to organize an extensive dealer network in most regions of the country. You can make transfers in the X-Plat payment system using the following technical means:

Mobile phones.
POS-terminal networks.
Payment service on the communicator.
At the operator at the customer service point.

Service capabilities

EPS developers provide everyone with the opportunity to develop their own business associated with the opening and development of points for receiving instant payments. With the help of the service, you can pay for mobile services, Internet providers, television, housing and communal and other bills. Payment for goods and services with electronic money is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, more and more people will become clients of the X-Plat payment system. Lets highlight the advantages and features of this resource.

Thanks to this service, buyers have the opportunity to instantly replenish their account. At the same time, the list of providers is constantly expanding, and today it includes enterprises of both regional and federal levels.
The service uses secure protocols for data transmission, therefore, it guarantees its customers complete information protection, confidentiality of transactions, efficiency and convenience of operations.
The client verification process during registration sometimes takes two days. And immediately after its completion, you can start making payments.
A special feature of X-Plat is the high speed of translation processing. It takes no more than 30 seconds to process the protocol, while a payment receipt is issued completely free of charge. Administration of the module responsible for conducting transactions can be carried out via remote access.
It is possible to export data to special software for further processing and analysis.
To register a personal payment acceptance point intended for running your own business, it is enough to have a desire and a personal computer with access to the network. More substantial material investments will not be required.
To make transfers anywhere and at a convenient time, you can use the X-P mobile application. To do this, on the official website of the service, you need to download a special program to your smartphone and install it. In some cases, you may need to install the latest version of Java. After installing the necessary software, you will need to register a mobile agent on the service.
A bonus system is provided that allows you to receive rewards from a payment service or individuals.
Constant technical support has been established by the relevant service services for the prompt resolution of emerging issues and difficulties.

New Horizons

The administration of the service decided not to limit its activities to the framework of the Russian Federation. An interesting feature of X-Plat was the decision to cooperate with the main operators of the Republic of South Africa. In 2008, the X-Plat SA trademark was created for this. The world famous corporations Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and others have become its partners, and the companys coverage has spread to other countries of the African continent.

In addition to traditional payments for communication services, housing and communal services, the Internet, tax, budgetary and administrative payments, the service has successfully introduced the acceptance of rates from citizens, which further popularizes the activities of X-Plat among the local population.

The service management conducts competent work with the authorities and representatives of the business class of many African countries. Recently in Ghana, a payment system cooperation contract was signed with Scanom, and now negotiations are under way with other large corporations.

Expanding its activities, the service guarantees its customers high-quality service and safety of operations.

Work in your personal account

After connecting to the payment service, the client should understand the offered options and explore the available program options. To enter your account on X-Plat, you must specify the password used during registration.

The clients cabinet consists of three sections:

Terminals. Here is information regarding self-service terminals. The functioning of the network of terminals, the receipt of funds can be monitored at 10-minute intervals. You can view the date, time, place of withdrawal and the exact amount of each transaction.
Payments. In this section, you can track transfers to the accounts of service providers in real time. Here you can also identify errors that occurred during the execution of transactions. For the convenience of the administrator, it is possible to sort payments by various criteria (providers, points). You can set conditions and search for the desired operation.
Control. Here is a list of dealerships with an indication of their location, which can be considered another feature of the X-P service. In this section, the administrator can add new users to the account, giving them the appropriate authority. The section consists of several subsections. The "Tariffs" tab contains a list of providers with a detailed description of their services: price, commission size, current promotions and established limits. There is a possibility of monthly monitoring of the agents reporting, as well as viewing the invoices issued by them.
It should be noted that, despite the rather narrow specialization of payments made using the X-Plat service, a fairly large number of customers use its services. Experts attribute this to a high degree of transaction reliability, security of funds, stable work and convenience for customers. Separately, the competent marketing policy of the systems management, the desire to make the service more accessible for those entrepreneurs who wish to develop their own business, is noted.